1-1 Tilting Bridges is the first stage you will encounter in SM64 Land. It's a very simple stage with tilting platforms. There are 4 stars here, one of those being obtained by collecting 100 coins.

Star 1: The Star On The Yellow Block Edit

1-1 star 1

This star is near the beginning. Once you reach the first sign after the red block (Open it for the tanooki suit which is needed here), climb onto the sign to reach the ledge. Go around the Chain Chomp to reach some tilting platforms. Flutter jump all the way to the star, located at the top of the yellow block.

Star 2: Red Coins Edit

Red 1

Red coins are all in one spot. Shortly after obtaining the Tanooki Suit you will encounter a set of 5 tilting platforms. Jump to each platform for 7 of them. On the 8th you need to tilt the platform very high to reach it, or use a spin jump/aerial dive. Grab the star that spawns right after the last platform and go on.

Star 3: Completing 1-1 Edit


This is the final star beside the 100 coins. After the red coins keep going following the signs until you reach an area with a blue block and a Goomba trio in it. From it you can see a black/white banner with the star underneath it. Travel past the tilting platforms to reach it. Just like every other completion star in the game, it sends you back to the overworld map.

Star 4: 100 Coins Edit

While traveling through the level, grab all yellow coins you can find (killing Goombas, grabbing the red/blue coins, etc.) and the star will spawn right where you're standing.

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