1-3 Switchboards is the third stage in World 1 after 1-2 in SM64 Land. This stage has switchboards, which go forward or backward depending on where you step, and features a low gravity gimmick. There are only 2 stars in this world.

Star 1: The Red CoinsEdit

At a point of the level you will find a box containing the Tanooki Suit on a series of clouds. Go a bit farther to find a bunch of red coins all over the same area. Collect the coins while using the Tanooki Suit as support, and the star will spawn on the bigger cloud that had 2 reds.

Star 2: The Final StarEdit

The final star is right after the red coins. There's two switchboards located between a red coin. Ride the furthest one to the star, located at the highest point of the level.

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