2-1 Mushroom Trampolines is the first stage in World 2. It's main theme is Mushroom Trampolines. There are 4 stars here, one of those being a 100 coin star. Note: Star 1, Star 2, and Star 4 do not make you reset the stage. Star 3 does send you out.

Star 1 : Red coins Edit

All of the red coins here are a little spread out. They are located near the beggining after the second cat suit block. Some are just sitting on ground, making them eazy to collect, others are above trampolines, meaning you will need a lot of height to get them. One of them is in a hole in the wall, before you go on to the rest of the stage. You will need a cat suit to get it.

Star 2 : The Star Far Away Edit

After you climb the montain where Ant Troopers fall down, you will see on top some rocks forming a small wall, blocking your view. Going over them and performing a cat dive will reveal a star on a dirt pillar.

Star 3 : Completing 2-1 Edit

This star is the final star beside the 100 coins. After you jump far away to the final mountain, you will jump from tilted trampoline to the next. You should be fine if yo land correctly on the next trampoline. Once on top, collect the star.

Star 4 : 100 Coins Edit

I won't go into depth here. Kill the Ant Troopers, grab the red coins, grab the blue coins. Grab almost every coin you see and it will spawn nearby of you. Simple as that.

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