Bowser's Crystal Palace is the final required area in the game and is Bowser's third stronghold in the game. This level contains 6 stars.

Bowser's Crystal Palace
Hack Super Mario 74
Stars Required 110
Boss(es) Bowser
Levels Across the Thin Path

Wallkick Above the Button

The Very Thin Dark Matter Path

Hidden Above the Start

Above the Devious Wallkicks

16 Red Coins

Number of Stars 6

Path to BowserEdit

Mario must traverse through three pathways to get to Bowser or can take a shortcut in the second path. Both way require Mario to first traverse some lava platforms, jump from trees and boxes down the right path in order to obtain a shell to access the left path, the entrance of which is covered in quicksand. After using the Heave-Hos to get higher Mario must perform multiple wallkicks in a row or he can turn around and longjump to the pipe to Bowser. In a hole below the pipe is a Wing Cap which can help getting the other stars. Going the long way Mario must jump up slopes to reach the Bob-omb buddy to open the cannon. Once in the cannon Mario must shoot through to the third pathway and traverse the thin path to Bowser.


All star names are fan-made and are not official.

Star 1: Across the Thin PathEdit

When Mario reaches the switch at the end of the right path there is a hidden passageway hidden behind some walljumps. Longjump past the doorway to the walls and wallkick up to the ledge. Mario must traverse to the thin path and carefully make his way to the star. Mario can also use the hidden Wing Cap to get this star easily.

Star 2: Wallkick Above the ButtonEdit

When Mario activates the button he must jump across the boxes, past the red coin to the platform with coins on it. From here he can long jump over to the opposite wall and wallkick up to the star. Mario can also use the hidden Wing Cap

Star 3: The Very Thin Dark Matter PathEdit

After shooting with the cannon and getting close to the pipe at the end of the right path, Mario can head to the left instead and cross a very thin path to another star. Mario can also use the hidden Wing Cap.

Star 4: Hidden Above the StartEdit

Mario must use the hidden wing cap to fly back to the start and grab the star in a small alcove. Mario can also jump into a very small hole where lava falls to get this star.

Star 5: Above the Devious WallkicksEdit

After the multiple walljumps Mario must jump to a platform that allows him to wallkick up to the star. Unfortunately invisible walls make this difficult and a longjump will not work. A triple jump dive gets over the invisible wall, however.

Star 6: 16 Red CoinsEdit

1-2: Platforms on the lower part of the fire area.

3-4: In the tree-jumping room

5: On the third disappearing block

6: At the end of the disappearing blocks

7-8: In the upper part of the fire area.

9: In the right part of the quicksand area.

10: In an alcove on the left part of the quicksand area.

11-12: In the Heave-Ho area

13: Past the Devious Wallkicks

14: Above the doorway to the slopes

15: In the middle of the slopes

16: Behind a slope at the top

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