Gloomy Ambience - one name - two very different themed secret levels of SM64 Last Impact . Since collecting 8 red coins is so much fun, these two secret levels, both found around the courtyard of the second overworld, will grant Mario another 2 of the castle's Hidden Stars.


Star 1: Gloomy Ambience - Giant Desk AdventureEdit

Break through to the cellar where you will find a secret office. Nothing special at first, until Mario takes a closer look at the desk and is suddenly transported into the office purgatory. Lava and office supplies create the perfect maze Mario will have to navigate in order to collect the 8 elusive red coins. Their locations are:
  1. Calculator
  2. Tape dispenser
  3. Up on the first binder ring
  4. Up the platforms of the binder
  5. Math notebook
  6. Stack of pencils
  7. Cup handle
  8. Set square (the triangle ruler)

The star will appear on the math notebook.

Star 2: Gloomy Ambience - Ghost HouseEdit

The entrance to the second Gloomy Ambience is through an ominous orb floating in the side of one of the houses in the courtyard. Jump in, and be warned:"Don't be fooled by the ghost's trickery around here or you may find a sudden end". Check out the mystery box to the left if you want to learn more. Head up the path to the right and up the platforms quickly. And when I say quickly, it means run for your life because as soon as the path in front of you is revealed, the black hole of death appears from behind. Mario will be safe once more only after climbing onto the last platform above the wooden boxes. From here on out, roam around for the red coins in the following locations:
  1. Ghost to the left after reaching the safe zone
  2. Hidden wall entrance (you can see a small patch in front of the secret entrance)
  3. Top of Venus fly trap (plant)
  4. Top of the wall
  5. First graveyard ghost
  6. Hidden wall entrance in first graveyard
  7. Middle of flower
  8. Second graveyard ghost


  • Boo
  • Giant Goomba


  • Typing out "5318008 - 2672" on the calculator will give out one coin.
  • There are 2 secret passage ways that lead to banjo's grave and a boo