Goomba's Easter Egg Hunt is the second in Kaze's line of Easter themed hacks. In this game you play as an actual Goomba, in order to fulfill his quest to hunt eggs hidden around few areas. Unlike in Thwomp's Easter Egg Hunt, there are no star descriptions in this mini-hack, and it employs a non-stop system, which means Goomba does not get kicked out of a level after getting an Easter Egg.

Description Edit

According to the video description in which the hack was officially released, Goomba's Easter Egg Hunt contains:

  • 0 new stars
  • 20 new colourful easter eggs
  • Goomba 
  • 8 custom levels

Changes Edit

  • Stars changed to Eggs again.
  • You play as Goomba.
  • Goomba jumps smaller, he can't long jump or punch.

Levels Edit

Name Replaced Eggs Image
Goomba's House Castle Grounds 3
Castle1 GEEH
Inside Goomba's House Inside Castle 5
Castle2 GEEH
Oldschool Plains Bowser in the Dark World 5
Level1 GEEH
Kirby Toys Bowser in the Fire Sea 2
Level2 GEEH
Glover (Area 1) Bowser in the Sky (Area 1) 4
Level3A1 GEEH
Glover (Area 2) Bowser in the Sky (Area 2) 4
Level3A2 GEEH
Easteregg Canyon Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 4
Level4 GEEH
Glover (Lava) The Princess's Secret Slide 3
Level5 GEEH

Music Edit

Name Original Game / Source Used in
Kakariko Village The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Goomba's House
Athletic (Remix) Super Mario World Oldschool Plains
Stage 1 Kirby's Block Ball Kirby Toys
Sky Station Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 Glover (Area 1)
Light Plane Pilotwings Glover (Area 2)
Angry Aztec Donkey Kong 64 Easteregg Canyon
The Lower Earth Empire Raguy / Blue's Journey Glover (Lava)
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