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Hallowoomy on Spoopy Island is a mini-hack made by BroDute, released for Halloween 2015. It contains only one level, which is a haunted castle where Bowser is throwing a "party" in the basement.


Name Stars Stars Required Image / Notes
Spoopskotch Island 2 0
Castle Hallowoomy.png
Abandoned Spook Castle 7 0
Level Hallowoomy.png
Hell of Dim Light 0 5
TSA Hallowoomy.png
The star in this level is a troll star which teleports Mario to Bowser.

Bowser Boss Level

Name Boss Image
Bowser in Hell Bowser
Bowser Hallowoomy.png


Used In Song
File Select Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom - Charming Domination
Star Select Ghostbusters - Theme Song
Spoopskotch Island Super Mario Kart - Ghost Valley
Abandoned Spook Castle (Outside) Super Mario World - Ghost House
Abandoned Spook Castle (Inside) Super Mario Maker - Ghost House (SMB)
Garden Secret X-Files - Theme Song
Bowser in Hell Touhou - Okuu's Nuclear Fusion Dojo