Happy Valley is the first and only level in the mini hack Bowser's Flood.
Bowser's Flood Complete Playtrough (SM64DS ROM Hack)

Bowser's Flood Complete Playtrough (SM64DS ROM Hack)


The Rookie Rock TopEdit

For this star you just have to go to the top of the mountain.

Behind the CageEdit

For this star you have to go behind the cage and grab the star.

The Bob-omb's Silver StarsEdit

You need to collect 5 silver stars and then a star will appear

Rad RooftopEdit

To complete this mission you must get on the roof top of the house. To do so you must go between the house wall and the border wall and wall kick with yoshi. In this hack you can wall jump with yoshi. Also you need to combine the wall jump with a flutter kick then wall jump to the other side.

The Secrets of the ValleyEdit

You need to find the 5 secret locations these are:

Near the houseEdit

Super Mario Bowser's Flood hidden1

Near the star capsule/spinning starEdit

Super Mario Bowser's Flood hidden2

On the 2nd platform of the mountainEdit

Super Mario Bowser's Flood hidden3

2nd pillar near the mountain\Edit

Super Mario Bowser's Flood hidden4

Near the cageEdit

Super Mario Bowser's Flood hidden5

Red Coins of the ValleyEdit

You must collect 8 red coins and the a star will appear.

The Valley's Switch StarEdit

You need to activate the star by pressing on the switch near the house and running as fast as possible to the capsule.