Hidden Palace Finale
Hack Super Mario Star Road
Stars Required 120
Levels The Top of the Palace

Star Replica

Number of Stars 2
Music Used Super Paper Mario - Overthere Stair
Hidden Palace Finale is the final and most difficult level in Super Mario Star Road. It can only be accessed once the player has collected 120 Power Stars. Once they have all 120 stars, they will need to swim to the star-shaped island outside of the Star-Leap Tower, zoom in using the C-Up button, and look up into the sky. This level contains several difficult jumps; any mistake usually results in falling into the abyss. There is also a sign at the beginning of the level that says, "This is it, you have arrived at the Hidden Palace Finale, the final level! Even if you can not complete this challenge, you have done very well to make it this far."

Stars Edit

The Top of the Palace Edit

This Star is located at the top of the palace. The level is rather linear, and so the player will simply need to make jumps as necessary. Yoshi and Peach are at the end, along with the Power Star. Yoshi also reveals that he hid nine Star Replicas in the side levels (including Hidden Palace Finale itself), and he has a sign naming all of those levels next to him. The Star Replicas will only appear once the player collects this Power Star.

Star Replica Edit

This Star Replica is located on a platform on the left side of the palace. The player needs to complete the difficult jumps to reach the first Power Star, and then wall kick up to the roof. They must then slide down the left side of the roof and ground pound onto the platform, where they can then collect the Star Replica.

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