Lava-Switch of Eruption
Hack Super Mario 74
Stars Required 10
Levels Hot Red Coins

Under the Tower

The Tallest Tower

Number of Stars 3
Music Used Super Mario 64 - Lethal Lava Land
Stage or HUB Level is located in Tower of the East

Lava-Switch of Eruption is the Wing Cap level in Super Mario 74. To access it, you need the first Bowser key. It is located in the second overworld, on top of the central tower. To reach it, Mario must use triple jumps and dives to climb the stone pillars surrounding it.

The level consists of a sea of lava, with an island in the center. There are many towers surrounding it submerged in the lava. A Bob-omb Buddy can be found on a smaller island off the edge of the large island. The switch is found on the large island, in addition to a cannon and a Wing Cap.

Levels Edit

All star names are fan made and are not official.

Star 1: Hot Red Coins Edit


The small island with the bob-omb buddy which opens the cannon.

Mario must fly around the towers, collecting the eight red coins. Their locations are as follows:

  1. On the large island.
  2. On the small island with the Bob-omb Buddy.
  3. On top of the tower that houses Star 2 (with the passage under it).
  4. Above the tower to the right of coin 3.
  5. On top of the tower to the right of coin 4.
  6. Behind the tower to the right of coin 5.
  7. In a passage halfway up the tower to the right of coin 6.
  8. On top of the tallest tower. This is the tower to the right of coin 7.

When Mario collects all 8, the star will spawn on the large island in the center.

Star 2: Under the Tower Edit


This star is hidden in a small tunnel under one of the towers. Mario must find a tower with a passage under it. In this passage is the star.

Star 3: The Tallest Tower Edit


While paused, you can clearly see the passage when near it.

This star is in a hidden passage on the side of the largest tower. Mario can use the cannons to climb up to the highest tower. Mario then must fall off the back of the tower, and enter the secret tunnel. Alternatively, Mario could use the Wing Cap to fly directly into the tunnel, but this method is not recommended as the hole is quite small.

Enemies Edit

  • Bob-omb
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