Luigi and the Violet Stars is a ROM Hack made by usernamesarentimportant.


Bowser has returned [yet again], and has painted his stars purple and dispersed them from level to level. However, 70 extras have popped up that he isn't aware of... sort of. It is up to Luigi, because Mario is busy with the green ones, the yellow ones, the blue ones, and the red ones, to collect these stars and give Bowser the boot.

Levels Edit

Level Coins Required


Gold Diggin Valley 292 0
Stone Mason 304 0
Bronze Brass Caverns 285 0
Bright Icey Caverns 236 0
King Boo's Cemetary 122 0
Dimlit Cliffsides 210 15
Molten Volcano Valley 194 15
Chocolate Mountain Peaks 172 15
Floating Garden Gallery 234 15
Frostbite Riverside 187 15
Gold-Grass Bay 248 15
Misty Hillside 296 15
Mushroom National Park 227 15
The Clockwork Dimension 190 15
Frozen Lava Peaks 208 15

Secret Levels Edit

Level Number of Stars Available Coins Required


Sandbox Breakout (Wing) 5 246 0
Airship Armada (Bowser 1) 1 123 15
The Boo's Playplace (can be found in course 5) 5 40 0
Molten Mills (Metal and Bowser 2, can be found in course 7) 6 66 15
Rusted Quicksand Drain (Vanish, can be found in course 6) 2 52 15
Deep Dark Lagoon 3 39 15
Overworld Stars (3 stars, 1 found in each overworld by collected reds) 3 127 0, 15
Blossoming Fields 4 46 15
Nitro Blue Fort (Bowser 3, Final) 2 143

Music Edit

Used in

Song Title Source
File Select Delfino Plaza Super Mario Sunshine
Star Select
First Overworld Overworld Theme New Super Mario Bros. U
Wing Cap & Vanish Cap & Shell Powerful Mario Super Mario 64
Sandbox Breakout &

Rusted Quicksand Drain

Dry Dry Outpost Paper Mario
Gold Diggin Valley Overworld Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Stone Mason &

Nitro Blue Fort

Stone Tower Temple The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Bronze Brass Caverns &

Second Overworld

Underground Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Bright Icey Caverns Cool Cool Mountain Super Mario 64
King Boo's Cemetary Ghostly Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy
The Boo's Playplace Merry-Go-Round Super Mario 64
Airship Armada Bowser's Road
Dimlit Cliffsides &

Deep Dark Lagoon

Noki Bay Super Mario Sunshine
Molten Volcano Valley &

Molten Mills

Lava Overworld New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
Metal Cap Metallic Mario Super Mario 64
Chocolate Mountain Peaks Choco Mountain

Block Fort

Double Deck

Mario Kart 64
Floating Garden Gallery Good Egg Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy
Third Overworld &

Frostbite Riverside

Gold-Grass Bay Pinna Park (Beach) Super Mario Sunshine
Misty Hillside Bianco Hills
Mushroom National Park &

Blossoming Fields

Forest Theme New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Race with Koopa the Quick Slider Super Mario 64
The Clockwork Dimension Tick Tock Clock Mario Kart DS
Frozen Lava Peaks &

Final Bowser Battle

Beware The Forest's Mushrooms Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
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