Mario Heroes 64
Mario Heroes 64 Title Screen
Creator aglab2
Number of Stars 33
Created May 2017
Level Information
Number of Levels 4
Number of Secret Levels 2
Download Link MediaFire

Mario Heroes 64 is a rom-hack made by aglab2 using levels from Sonic Heroes. It uses the Castle Lobby from SM64 as its overworld and the game ends when Mario unlocks the door leading upstairs.

aglab2 made a sequel to Mario Heroes 64 named Mario Adventure, a major hack that uses levels from Sonic Adventure 1

download for mario adventure and mario heroes .

Levels Edit

Name Stars Stars Required Notes
Hang Castle 7 0
Power Plant 7 1
Windy Valley Run 2 1
Lost Jungle 7 3
Casino Park 7 3
Bowser in the Egg Fleet 3 15
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