Organ of Matrias is a mini rom-hack made by Kaze.

On the video description Kaze says:

This hack features 9 Stars and (relative to the norm) quite a lot of hex edted - custom objects.

Levels Edit

Level Replaced Stars Image
Mini Fountain Inside Castle 0
Castle OFM
Organ of Matrias Bob-omb Battlefield 7
Course1 OFM
Tetrisworld Whomp's Fortress 2
Course2 OFM


Name Original Game Used in
Great Fairy's Fountain The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Mini Fountain
Inside the Church Banjo-Kazooie Organ of Matrias
Type A Tetris Tetrisworld

Trivia Edit

- Even if this is a minihack, Kaze didn't want people to look deep in the ROM at the time.

  • On the music list, the first secuence name is called "If you steel my sequences i'll slap you!"
  • When you open the ROM in TT64 or Quad64, they load Castle Grounds first, Kaze replaced the level with a dick model (This also applies to Cool, Cool Mountain).
  • On the Text Manager, there are 2 different messages (with profanity):
  • The Levelentry text says "go out of my rom you dumb fuck."
  • And the Level Names from Course 3 to Course 8 the message says: "STOP TO LOOK INTO YOUR DAMN SCROELIST  AND START TO FUCKIN' PLAY THE GAME"
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