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SM64: Last Impact is a major hack made by Kaze Emanuar. It was released on September 30th, 2016 at 8:00AM MDT. It contains 130 stars, 12 power-ups, many new bosses and a large variety of completely new levels.

In this hack, Mario only has 6 health instead of the normal 8 and a separate gauge for air underwater. This hack presents many things that weren't in previous hacks or the original game, including new power-ups, custom music and objects, and unique boss fights.


In one of Kaze's YouTube videos, a user by the name of Thirteen 1355 asked about the difficulty and Kaze replied with: "i want to get a good balance between difficulty and exploration factor - i want the player to be able to beat the game with a low amount of struggle, but i also want to make the player work hard to get all stars there are. In conclusion, the difficulty curve is about as steep as in Mario 64, it starts a bit higher and oscillates more though."[1]


The game starts out with two tiny meteors crashing down and becoming Prickly Piranha Plants that threaten Princess Peach, Mario goes over to defeat them, then Princess Peach warns Mario of danger coming and the moon.

From here, Mario collects stars in various worlds, unlocking more with the number of stars he collects, and eventually defeating Bowser.

Still worried about the moon, he continues collecting stars, with the next objective being to get into the Shadow Factory, after he collects enough, colored Goombas appear to fight him and are defeated.

He continues on, collecting more stars, and eventually, Rashay appears, revealing himself as the problem on the moon, and kidnaps Princess Peach, he then escapes, as the colored Goombas appear again, much stronger this time, and Mario once again defeats them.

With rescuing Princess Peach and stopping Rashay now being the objective, Mario continues onward into the Shadow Factory, fights Shadow Mario, and then uses the key he obtains to reach the rocket ship, which he uses to go to the moon.

Mario must collect many more stars, and after reaching eighty, he gains access to Rashay's Moon Cellar, where, with the help of the colored Goombas, he defeats Rashay and rescues Princess Peach, and they all have dinner outside of Peach's Castle.


All courses have 7 stars each.

No. Name Stars Required Total coins (v 1.2) Image
1 Wildlife Valley 0 142
2 Stonesnake Shatters 142 (star 1)
3 Sunset Islet 4 133 (stars 1-4, 6)
4 Crystal Caves 143 (stars 1-5)
5 Abandoned Outpost 15 159
6 Super Sweet Sugarland 20 161
7 Dusky Doomed Dale 148 (stars 1-3)
Dusky Doomed Dale.png
8 Melty Molten Mountains 147
9 Harried Honey Hive 151
LI HHH.jpg
10 Sky-High Islands 40 165 (theoretical total)

163 (maximum that can be saved) (star 2)

11 Big Beast's Belly 45 130 - 154 (depends on luck)
12 Gamble Game Gallery 174 - 194 (depends on luck)
GGG S1.png
13 Colossal Circuits 143
CC .png
14 Livid Surreal Dream 160 (theoretical total)

150 (maximum obtainable)

15 Rainbow Road 70 151
RR LI.png

Secret Levels

All the stars you collect in these secret levels will count towards your Hidden Stars count.

Level Stars Stars Required Notes Image
Above the Clouds 3 12, 20, 40 There are 3 levels called "Above the Clouds," all of which feature the Cloud Cap. One is accessible from the yellow stand in the first overworld, one from Drybone Desert, and one from Sky-High Islands.
Minigame House 5 20 A small outlined house in the first overworld. The first two minigames will already be unlocked, while the other three are unlocked by completing the Rainbow Coin Challenges in Super Sweet Sugarland, Sky-High Islands, and Luna Park.
Bowser's Fiery Castle 2 The first Bowser stage, and the location of the first key.
Underground Depths Accessible from the bridge leading to Bowser's Fiery Castle.
Underground Depths Star 2.png
Gloomy Ambience There are 2 levels called "Gloomy Ambience", both in the second overworld. One is inside a desk, in the cellar of the first house, and the other is through a mysterious black orb in one of the doorways.
Drybone Desert 1 It is located through the barred-off pipe in the second overworld, Mario can use the Flat Mushroom hidden behind a boulder to get through the bars. There are two secret levels accessible through this stage - the Secret Aquarium and one of the Above the Clouds levels.
Secret Aquarium Entered through a well in Drybone Desert.
Secret aquarium.png
Shadow Factory 2 45 The second "Bowser stage" and the location of the second key. Also serves as a path to the third overworld. The second key is held by Dark Mario, instead of Bowser.
Shadow factory.png
Luna Park Entered by train on the third overworld. Also contains the rainbow coin challenge to unlock the 5th game in the Minigame House.
LP s1.png
Rashay's Moon Cellar 80 The third "Bowser stage", leads to Rashay, the final boss.
Cut Out Content 0 130 This is a secret level which was not intended to be part of the game. It can only be accessed with a backward-long-jump glitch or with a well-timed wall kick near the entrance to Colossal Circuits that allows you to glitch behind the wall (here). The star here will not count towards your total.


Name Stars Stars Required Notes Picture
Castle Grounds 3 0 Contains levels 1-5, Above the Clouds 1, Minigame House, Bowser's Fiery Castle, and Underground Depths. Two stars come from fighting the Goomba Bros, and one from collecting a coconut for Yoshi.
Abandoned Village 0 20 Contains levels 6-10, Gloomy Ambience, Drybone Desert, Secret Aquarium, Above the Clouds 2 and 3, and Shadow Factory,
Abandoned Village.jpg
The Moon 45 Contains levels 11-15, Luna Park and Rashay's Moon Cellar, as well as the secret "Cut Out Content" level.
The Moon.JPG

New Powerups

There are several new Powerups that didn't appear in the original game:

Name Description Image
F.L.U.D.D Gives Mario a Flash Liquidiser Ultra Dousing Device (F.L.U.D.D). This allows him to hover using water sprayed from its nozzles. Hold L to hover.
Cloud Flower Gives Mario the ability to create a cloud platform under his feet as long as he has some left. Clouds must be collected separately from the powerup itself. Mario can have a maximum of 2 clouds.
Cloud Flower.PNG
Fire Flower Allows Mario to shoot fireballs. This is the most commonly-recurring powerup in the game, as it appears in four different levels.
Fire Flower.png
Frog Suit Turns Mario into Frog Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3. This powerup allows him to swim faster.
Frog Suit.png
Yoshi Press B to use Yoshi's tongue. Once Yoshi has eaten something, press L to make Yoshi create a Yoshi Egg. Yoshi can also flutter-jump and launch Yoshi into the air with Z.
Ice Flower Allows Mario to shoot ice balls and walk on lava by creating ice platforms.
Ice Flower.PNG
Bee Mushroom Allows Mario to hover for a short period of time. If Bee Mario touches water, he will turn into normal Mario.
Bee Mushroom.JPG
Spider Mushroom Allows Mario to spawn a climbable string with L. The strings disappear after a short period of time, or if you spawn another one. You can only spawn a string one time in mid-jump. This is one of the three powerups that originated from this hack.
Spider Mushroom.JPG
Paper Mushroom Turns Mario into a flat version of himself, allowing him to slip through bars and grates. This is one of the three powerups that originated from this hack.
Paper Mushroom.JPG
Spring Mushroom Allows Mario to bounce around. Ground pound or press A to gain extra height.
Rainbow Star Makes Mario become invincible for a short period of time. He also flashes different colors and jumps differently (similarly to the triple jump after talking to Yoshi in the original SM64); however, unlike Super Mario Galaxy, he doesn't run extra fast.
Goomba Bros. Shield Mario gains this ability during the final battle with Rashay. The Goomba Bros. give Mario their star power, which activates this powerup. It allows Mario to jump higher, run faster, and regenerate health quickly. It is the last of the three powerups that originated in this hack.

New Enemies

Name Found In: Description Image
Fuzzy Wildlife Valley Touching these will make Mario spin in circles, and causes everything to become distorted and change colors for a short time, but don't worry, all of the ground is actually still in the exact same spots.

This enemy was taken from Yoshi's Island, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Wiggler Doesn't try to attack, but if Mario runs into it, he will be hurt; it is defeated by jumping on its head once.

This enemy was in Super Mario 64, but it was a boss.

Tap-Tap Touching these will hurt Mario. They only can be defeated by making them walk into the swamp.

This enemy was also taken from Yoshi's Island, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Crabber (unofficial name[2]) Sunset Islet It will attack Mario with its claws, and it can't be defeated.

This enemy also bears a resemblance to the Pokémon Krabby.

Geocraft Abandoned Outpost Throwing rocks that damage Mario, this enemy can be defeated by any normal attacks, but a Fire Flower is particularly useful against him.
Octoomba It will hop around a small area, shooting damaging rocks at Mario; like the previous enemy, this one can be defeated by any normal attacks, but a Fire Flower is particularly useful against him.

This enemy was taken from Super Mario Galaxy, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Bipette There is only one of these in the entire game, found in Abandoned Outpost, it flies above the level, shooting at Mario from above if he infiltrates the tower, and can not be defeated.
Doboomo[2] Chomping at Mario if he gets close, his weak spot is his tail, and although it can be defeated by normal attacks, doing so will damage you; how you're supposed to beat him is by using a Fire Flower to shoot fireballs at his tail.
Mech Lizard.png
Spiny Piranha Plant Multiple levels It will lunge at Mario to chomp him if he gets close, this enemy can only be defeated by jumping on top of its head, which is easier to do when it's lunging at Mario.

Like the Octoomba, this enemy was taken from Super Mario Galaxy, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Podoboo / Lava Bubble Bowser's Fiery Castle They hide in lava and jump from one set location to another one, coming out and going back down in.

This enemy was taken from other Mario games, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Lava Bubble.png
Red Horned Bully Multiple levels They behave like the Bullies from Super Mario 64, trying to knock Mario off their platform and into the lava.
Helmet Goomba Underground Depths It wears a protective helmet which can only be removed using the Fire Flower, which is also found in this level.
Helmet goomba.png
Venus Fly Trap (Plant) Gloomy Ambience If Mario is inside of the plant, it will close its lid and drain his health until he is dead.
Dry Bones Drybone Desert These are the skeletons of Koopa Troopas, if you stomp on it, it will come back after a short amount of time, and cannot actually be defeated.

Like the Podoboo, this enemy was taken from other Mario games, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Dry Bones.png
Quibomb Super Sweet Sugarland It will fly around in the sky, and if Mario gets close enough, it will wait for a bit, and then charge at him, exploding on impact with Mario or a solid surface. It is mainly used to make the roller coaster section harder, but is a nuisance throughout the level.
Freezie Melty Molten Mountains It will freeze or burn Mario depending on its form, and has a very large range. It cannot be defeated.

Once again, this enemy was taken from other Mario games, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Teehee Butterfly Sky-High Islands This enemy can be very confusing at first, but how it works is that it can only safely be defeated while it's pink; if Mario tries to kill it while it is blue, it will explode and damage Mario, but can still be damaged by any normal attack.

This enemy was taken from Yoshi's Story (in which its color changed the result of Yoshi eating it), but was not in Super Mario 64.

Giant Goomba Multiple levels These Giant Goombas will split into three smaller Goombas when stomped on or otherwise attacked.

Large Goombas actually were in Super Mario 64; however, they did not split when attacked, and would simply drop a coin when defeated, and if Mario ground pounded them, they would drop a blue coin.

Volcano Lotus Sky-High Islands Spews out fireballs into the air in all directions, and cannot be defeated.

This enemy was taken from Super Mario World, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Paragoomba Flies up and down, and once it is jumped on, they'll lose their wings and fall down, becoming a normal Goomba.

This enemy was also taken from other Mario games, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Blooper Big Beast's Belly It will fly around, and will try to attack Mario if he gets close; once it is jumped on, it will be defeated and drop a blue coin that's worth five coins.

Yet again, this enemy was also taken from other Mario games, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Parasitebot[2] It will walk towards Mario to attack him; they mainly exist to feed to the Golden Clam.
Little Mouser Gamble Game Gallery It will quickly run around in circles, and when it spots Mario, it will chase after him. Because this enemy is so small and so fast, it can actually be difficult to defeat, but Mario's best bet is just to keep jumping, and Mario will likely land on it, defeating it.

This enemy was taken from Yoshi's Island, even down to the sprite used, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Little Mouser.png
Bandit It will try to attack Mario if it sees him, and can only be defeated by a ground pound.

This enemy was also taken from Yoshi's Island, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Aside from the spinoffs & RPG games of the Mario series (mainly Paper Mario), this enemy has only been seen in the Yoshi's Island series.

Electro-Koopa Colossal Circuits If it sees Mario, it will launch its electric shell at him. In order to defeat it, you must jump on it when it doesn't have its shell on its back.

This enemy was taken from Super Mario Sunshine, but was not in Super Mario 64.

Hand Spider Livid Surreal Dream It will walk around on its fingers, and if it sees Mario, it will charge at him. In order to defeat it, you must make it charge into a wall, and it will then drop a blue coin.

This enemy happens to bear a resemblance to the Wallmasters from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Hand Spider.png
Creepy Hand Pit If Mario gets close, they will attack him with their hands, but these enemies cannot be defeated.
Thwomp It will fall down and try to crush Mario, but in N64 games, the Thwomps looked completely different for some reason, but these Thwomps look like all of the Thwomps before and after the N64.

The looks of this Thwomp are taken from other Mario games, but in Super Mario 64, it looked different.

Thunder Lakitu Rainbow Road This enemy will fly around, throwing thunder bolts down towards Mario. This enemy is one of the hardest to beat in the entire game, as Mario have to jump on it, which is difficult to do because of how high it's flying, and its thunder that can keep Mario away.
Thunder Lakitu.png


Functionally, it's exactly the same as the Thwomp, but the aptly named Colorful Thwomp is colorful, to fit with the theme of the very colorful Rainbow Road, and its eyes don't have any eyelids, which makes its face look slightly different.

Side view of the Colorful Thwomp

Chomp There was a chomp in Super Mario 64, albeit only one, but the ones in this game are completely different. Rather than acting like Chomps in all the 2D games, these act like the ones in Super Mario Galaxy; they roll around in a set circle, and can only be defeated by using a Rainbow Star.

New Bosses

Name Location Description Picture
Ancient Attacker Stonesnake Shatters A giant winged Snake that spits fire, Mario must ground pound it 3 times to defeat it.
Ancient Attacker.jpeg
Megalodon[2] Crystal Caves A giant fish that lunges at Mario and must be lured into a cage.
Bowser Bowser's Fiery Castle Bowser spits fire that Mario must avoid, he must quickly cross a bridge to throw a Bob-omb at him.
Browser 1.png
Goomba Bros (1) Courtyard Overworld 1 Goombas that have different colors. They use their "Triangle Formation" and "Pokey Formation" to try to ram Mario, Mario must ground pound on them to defeat them.
Goomba Bros (2) They are back and with new toys, Mario must outmaneuver them and hit them where it hurts.
Last Impact - Goomba Brothers.png
Devil Big Bully Underground Depths A bully with red horns and pointy tails, a secret boss. Tries to knock Mario into the lava, also has a pulsing fire shield. Like Big Bully in the original Super Mario 64, Mario must knock it into the lava to defeat it.
Devil Big Bully.png
Dark Big Boo

(Dark Atomic Boo)

Dusky Doomed Dale A giant Boo that Mario must defeat it by ground pounding on it 3 times; however, he only can see its reflection, and it frequently teleports around the arena.
Kamek Flies around and shoots blasts of magic which cause Goombas to appear. Mario must jump on him once to defeat him.
Gargantua Blargg & Nep-Enut Melty Molten Mountains A lava monster and ice monster that charges and burns Mario, he must throw fire balls and ice balls to defeat them.
Giant Spider Harried Honey Hive A giant spider tormenting the bee citizens. Mario must ground pound its head 3 times to defeat it.
Kurma Koopa Sky-High Islands A gigantic flying Koopa that will catapult Mario to the back, he must cross to hit its nose while fighting heavy winds and maneuvering around Paragoombas.
Dark Mario

(Shadow Mario)

Shadow Factory A shadowy clone of Mario, he must hit him 6 times to defeat him.
Shadow mario.png
Viruses Colossal Circuits The viruses from Dr. Mario have infected the computer, each with their own special ability. Mario must attack each of them 2 times to defeat them.
Rashay Rashay's Moon Cellar The final boss of the game; has two phases. On the second phase, Mario must ground pound his head 6 times to defeat him and beat the game.


Used in Song Sequence
Title Screen Original Music
File Select / Chill Inside Rooms Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Peach's Castle
Game Intro Original Music
Star Select Super Mario Bros 2 (USA) - Character Select
Good Level Intro Original Music
Wildlife Valley Super Mario 3D World - Piranha Creeper Creek
Cave Theme Dark Cloud - Divine Beast Cave
Stonesnake Shatters Final Fantasy VII - Forested Temple
Snake Temple The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Spirit Temple
Boss Theme B The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Boss Theme
Sunset Islet Original Music
Crystal Caves (Brown Side) Yoshi's Island - Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves (Blue Side) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Zora's Domain
Underwater Temple The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Water Temple (Original)
Abandoned Outspot Sonic Adventure 2 - Meteor Herd
Above the Clouds Original Music
Minigame House Mario Party 2 - Let the Game Begin
Happy Minigame Donkey Kong 64 - Bonus Barrel
Dangerous Minigame Mario Party - Full of Danger
Protect the Cake! Kirby Super Star - Mine Cart Riding
Goomba Bros. Paper Mario - Attack of the Koopa Bros.
Bowser's Fiery Castle Super Mario 64 - Koopa's Road
Bowser Fight Paper Mario - Bowser's Rage
The Villain Appears / The Moon Super Mario Galaxy - Tension
Abandoned Village Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Holli Jolli Village
Bad Level Intro Original Music
Super Sweet Sugarland Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Neo Star
Factory Inspection / Shadow Factory Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Factory Inspection
Rollercoaster Ride Kirby & The Amazing Mirror - Candy Constellation
Dusky Doomed Dale Original Music
Boo Dance / Gloomy Ambience (2) Original Music
Boss Theme A Undertale - Megalovania
Prison Escape The Wind Waker - Forsaken Fortress
Kamek's Theme Super Mario Galaxy - Kamella
Melty Molten Mountains - Mix Original Music
Melty Molten Mountains - Fire Side / Underground Depths / "Cut Out Content" Original Music
Melty Molten Mountains - Ice Side Original Music
Above the Clouds (2/3) Super Mario 64 - Slider (High Pitch)
Harried Honey Hive Original Music
Boss Theme C The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Armogohma
Sky-High Islands Original Music
Flying on a Koopa Star Fox 64 - Boss 2
Gloomy Ambiance (1) Original Music
Drybone Desert Paper Mario - Dry Dry Desert Trek (Original)
Secret Aquarium Super Mario Sunshine - Sky & Sea
Battle Against a Shadow Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Final Battle
Big Beast's Belly Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Deep Castle (Inside Bowser) (Original)
Gamble Game Gallery Super Mario 3D World - World Bowser (Sped Up)
Casino's Sewer Super Mario Bros. - Underground
Colossal Circuits Original Music
Virus Fight Dr. Mario - Fever
Livid Surreal Dream Original Music
Rainbow Road Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road
Rainbow Mario Original Music
Luna Park Sonic the Hedgehog - Starlight Zone
Rashay's Moon Cellar Sonic Adventure - Tricky Maze
Rashay Phase 1 Original Music
Rashay Phase 2 (final battle) - Credits Original Music
Victory Fanfare Original Music
Puzzle Solved Super Mario 64 - Correct Solution
Star Get Super Mario 64 - Course Clear
High Score Super Mario 64 - Star Catch Fanfare
Game Over Super Mario 64 - Game Over



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