SM64: Year of the Plumber is a demo made by DobieMeltfire. It was never finished, and features two complete levels. Though short, the hack is very dialogue-heavy, and is one of the few hacks where Mario has his own lines.

Levels entrances have signs in front of them with difficulty ratings. There are two inactive level entrances in overworld hub - Sunset Square and Lavender Lighthouse - which have signs but were never completed.

This hack uses a continuous system similar to Star Revenge 3 – coins are saved and enemies remain dead even if Mario collects a star or loses a life.

To avoid confusion of the hack progress, DobieMeltfire confirmed that Year of the Plumber was renamed as Somari 64: Wanna go Fast.

Plot Edit

Sky Toad tells Mario to meet with the Guardian Toads to find out why he is in this world. The king tells Mario that New Nimbus Land is being taken over by the Lunar-Omb Army and he needs Mario to stop them. He also says he thinks the invasion has something to do with the falling stars, believed to be the Guardian’s Wishing Stars. The legend says that If someone collects all the stars they are granted one wish. Mario is followed around by Sukitu, Lakitu’s younger cousin, who is very vocal during the adventure.

Levels Edit

Name Replaced Stars Images / Notes
1-UP Area Castle Courtyard 0
Start YotP
Cirrus Castle Inside Castle 2
Castle YotP
Overworld hub. Rosa appears in front of the castle once Mario has 12 stars, and MIPS appears after 15 stars.
Fractus Fields Bob-omb Battlefield 7
Course1 YotP
Choco Cave Whomp's Fortress 7
Course2 YotP

Trivia Edit

  • The levels in this game were inspired by Mario Kart Wii, which is why they are both built around a long path which loops around the entire stage.
  • This demo was originally released for C3 (Central Creativity Convention), an event run by
  • Dobie says that this demo was rushed because of the C3, 10 days later, he released an updated version called "Beta 1".
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