SM64DS: The Next Adventure is an upcoming major hack of Super Mario 64 DS, created by Snowy. It is set to contain 240 stars and all new levels.

The hack was originally going to be a minor hack, but recent developments have made Snowy want to make the hack much larger, even using the max star count available without ASM Hacking.

The hack even has a number of updates to the controls, even adding two new moves to the game!

Courses Edit

No. Name of Course Replacing Stars to Unlock Screenshot
1 Sky Meadow Bob-Omb


Screenshot Level 6 1582901163446
2 Woop Whomp's Castle Whomp's


Screenshot Level 7 1582901326629

Secret Courses Edit

Name of Level Replaces Stars to Unlock Star Total Screenshot
SM64 World The Princess' Secret Slide Unknown 6
Screenshot Level 29 1583005363897
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