SM64 Blue Star Adventure
Creator Mr. Bubby
Number of Stars 152
Created 2017
Level Information
Number of Levels 15
Number of Secret Levels 9
Download Link

SM64 Blue Star Adventure is a rom hack made by Mr. Bubby.

The hack is recently re-released (Feb. 2018) as SM64 Blue Star Adventure Deluxe. Most of the changes released were aimed to make the hack more playable and less annoying to beat. No changes were made to the level models themselves, but various improvements were made to the levels that players felt were too annoying.

Plot Edit


Levels Edit

Level Stars Stars Required Coins Notes
Abandoned Tower 7 0 120
Pillars of Pain 7 0 103
Misty Desert 7 0 143
Magma Snow Land 7 0 255
Haunted Swamp 7 20 128
Aquatic Cavern 7 20 110
Grassy Forest 7 20 109
Sculpturous Desert 7 20 205
Colorful Dream 7 20 174
Palace of Poison 7 20 155
Fiery Fog Nightmare 7 20
Warpzone Chaos 7 80
Space Factory Base 7 100 245
Toxic Pingas Forest 7 115 Strongly nerfed in Deluxe due to removing toxic gas. By far the hardest course in the game, containing intended QSLGs and a BLJ.
Bubby Kingdom 7 145 Scrapped.

Secret Levels Edit

Level Stars Stars Required Notes
Garden Valley Slide 7 0 Found opposite Magma Snow Land in the First Overworld. The time to beat is 6 seconds.
Wing Cap Pillars 6 0 Can be found by a warp on a metal box in Pillars of Pain near where Mario starts. Wing Cap Course.
Colossal Lava Towers 7 20 First Bowser Level
Destination of Disorientation 7 20 Can be found in a pipe on the quicksand in Haunted Swamp where Star 1 was. Vanish Cap Course
Solar Mercury Sun 7 20 Can be found off of the left wall of the Palace of Poison in a pit in the quicksand. Metal Cap Course.
Castle of Doom 7 80 Second Bowser Level, heavily nerfed in Deluxe due to making the slopes stickable.
Final Showdown with Bowser 0 95 Final Bowser fight, no stage. In versions 1.4 and earlier, this requires 135 stars.
Final Secret Level 1 144 The functionality of the star requirement of this door varies from version to version.
Overworld Stars 5 Mips makes an appearance on a bridge in the third overworld, and various toads are scattered throughout.


Used in Song Sequence
File Menu Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - Super Pipe House
First Overworld Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Rogueport Sewers
Second Overworld New Super Mario Bros. - Overworld
Star Select Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga - Battle Theme
Third Overworld Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Lava Reef Zone Act 2
Boss Battle Plants vs. Zombies - Ultimate Battle
Abandoned Tower Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - Sunken Ship
Pillars of Pain Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Temporal Tower
Misty Desert (1.4) Same as Abandoned Tower
Magma Snow Land Custom Composition
Haunted Swamp Undertale - Another Medium
Aquatic Cavern Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance
Grassy Forest Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Forest Interlude
Sculpturous Desert Kirby Air Ride - Sky Sands
Colorful Dream Mario Party 5 - Toy Land
Palace of Poison Suikoden 2 - Battle Against Gothic Neclord
Fiery Fog Nightmare Touhou 8: Imperishable Night - Immortal Smoke (Mokou)
Warpzone Chaos Touhou 8: Imperishable Night - Voyage 1969
Space Factory Base Mario Party 2 - Space Land
Toxic Pingas Forest Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness - Medley of Main Themes
Bubby Kingdom Super Paper Mario - Sammer Kingdom
Wing Cap Pillars

Destination of Disorientation

Double Dragon 3 - Stage 2 (China)
Garden Valley Slide Banjo-Kazooie - Gobi's Valley
Colossal Lava Towers Mario Kart: Super Circuit - Bowser's Castle
Bowser Battle 1 Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Boss Battle
Wing Cap/Vanish Cap Theme Mario Kart: Super Circuit - Sky Garden
Wing Cap Theme (Version 2) AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!
Metal Cap Theme Mega Man 2 - Metal Man Stage
Castle of Doom Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Krock's March
Bowser Battle 2 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - Culex Battle
Final Secret Level Mario Party - Eternal Star
Bowser Final Battle Super Paper Mario - The Ultimate Show
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