SM64 Sapphire is a ROM hack made by Nebula. It was released around the tail end of 2017, it contains 6 levels, 1 secret level and has 30 stars.

This hack was little known when it was released, however 2 days after the hack was released, Kaze made a video advertising the hack and recommend it to play it because how much fun he was having with it. Since then, it has become a very popular hack due to its low amount of difficulty and ease of speedrunning.


Name Replaced Stars Image
Maple Meadow Bob-omb Battlefield 7
Course1 Sapphire
Polar Peaks Whomp's Fortress 7
Course2 Sapphire
Lush Lagoon Jolly Roger Bay 7
Course3 Sapphire
Torchlight Temple Cool, Cool Mountain 7
Course4 Sapphire

Secret LevelEdit

Name Replaced Stars Image
Supersonic Slide The Princess's Secret Slide 2
Secret Sapphire

Castle Level Edit

Name Replaced Image
Mini Castle Inside Castle
Castle Sapphire

Bowser Level Edit

Name Replaced Stars Required Image
Bowser in the Gloomy Sea Bowser in the Sky 30
Bowser Sapphire

Bowser Level Boss Edit

Name Boss Image
Bowser in the Gloomy Sea Boss Bowser
BowserBoss Sapphire
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