Scrooge 64 is a Christmas-themed mini-hack made by Kinopio. It contains three Bowser Stages, and a ending/credits stage. Each of the Bowser Stages has a red coin star, which are optional as collecting them has no impact on the ending or Mario's ability to progress.

This game is inspired by A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, where Scrooge is visited by the three Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

The levels represent Mario's timeline:

Past: (Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong),

Present: (Super Mario 64)

Future: (Super Mario Galaxy)

Also, Mario must defeat a "ghost" (Bowser) at the end of each stage.

Levels Edit

Name Replaced Stars Image / Notes
The Doors of Time Cool, Cool Mountain 0
House Scrooge64
Super Mario Bros 3D Bowser in the Dark World 1
Bowser1 Scrooge64
Bowser in the Sky 2.0 Bowser in the Sky 1
Bowser2 Scrooge64
Bowser Galactic Fortress Bowser in the Fire Sea 1
Bowser3 Scrooge64
Ending & Credits Bob-omb Battlefield 1
Ending Scrooge64

Collecting the big star after defeating the third Bowser warps Mario to this stage. Collecting the star on top of the tree ends the game.

Trivia Edit

  • This hack was released in English and Italian.
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