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Shining Stars 3: Sanctuary of the Star Comet is a ROM-Hack made by pieordie1, and is the third installment in the Shining Stars series.

Main Levels

Name Stars Stars Required Total Coins
Kochiya Falls 7 0 249[1]
Sunset City 7 0 307
Snowflower View 7 5 158
Sunshine Airport 7 10 171
Crystal Sewers 7 15 206[2]
Tsuki Mansion 7 20 236[3]
Flaming Pie Factory 7 25 169[4]
Mt. Zora 7 25 199
Tidal Township 7 30 146
Papercraft Sands 7 40 181
Misty Manor 7 60 165
Heavenly Ascent 7 65 160[6]
Crystalline Pass 7 75 210
Harmonic Hotel 7 80 223
Moonstruck Village 7 90 218

Special Levels

Name Replaced Stars Stars Required Notes
Serenade Skies The Princess's Slide 3 0 Located in Kochiya Falls
Mathematical Complex Vanish Cap under the Moat 2 0 Vanish Cap Stage. Located in Sunset City.
Gale Skystation Tower in the Wing Cap 2 10 Wing Cap Stage. Located in Sunshine Airport.
Sanctuary of Water and Ice Bowser in the Dark World 2 20 Boss: Aquarius Wiggler. There are 119 coins in this level.
Sticker Express The Secret Aquarium 3 20 Requires Vanish Cap. Located in Tsuki Mansion.
Sanctuary of Rock and Lava Bowser in the Fire Sea 2 40 Boss: Big Bully Brigade
Secret Stars End Cake Picture 1 50 Entering it will have to cost you one life.
Disco Space Rave Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 2 90
Cascade Cliffs Cavern of the Metal Cap 2 90 Required to access Sanctuary of Space
Sanctuary of Space Bowser in the Sky 2 90 Located in Moonstruck Village


Star Name Location Stars Required
Toad Stars Hub #1 20
Hub #2 20
MIPS Stars Hub #1 15
Other Hub Stars Hub #2 20


Used in Track Name Source of origin
File Select Special 8 Map Super Mario 3D Land
Star Select Intermission Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Kochiya Falls Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith
Serenade Skies Light Kirby Air Ride
Sunset City Dolphin Shoals Mario Kart 8
Mathematical Complex X-Naut Fortress Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Snowflower View The Doll Maker of Bucuresti Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom
Sunshine Airport Sunshine Airport Mario Kart 8
Gale Skystation Wizards and Lizards Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
Crystal Sewers That Sinking Feeling
Ice Station Bandicoot
Sanctuary of Water and Ice Sanctuary of Water and Ice Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Aquarius Wiggler Freeze! Paper Mario
After Boss Fight Save Hut Kirby Super Star
Tsuki Mansion Illusionary Night ~ Ghostly Night Touhou 8: Imperishable Night
Sticker Express Hiroshige No. 36 Retrospective 53 Minutes
Flaming Pie Factory Macho Grubba Battle Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Mt. Zora Jungle Rumble Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
Drain Damage
Tidal Township Tsunami
Puppet The Witch's House
Sanctuary of Rock and Lava Sanctuary of Rock and Lava Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Flower Ride
Big Bully Brigade Huffin and Puffin Paper Mario
Secret Stars Disco Train Donkey Kong Country 2
Papercraft Sands Sinking in Quicksand! Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Dense Fog Today Kirby Air Ride
Misty Manor Old Puppet Ib
Ghost Fight Undertale
Heavenly Ascent Grape Garden Kirby's Adventure
Here We Are Undertale
Crystalline Pass Over Shiver Mountain Paper Mario
Crystal Palace Crawl
Harmonic Hotel Land of Livid Dead Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
Moonstruck Village Moonstruck Blossom Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Disco Space Rave Beep Block Skyway Super Mario 3D World
Cascade Cliffs The Precipice Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Sanctuary of Space Air Fortress Blue Wish Resurrection
Turbulence Cyber RainForce
Koopa Race Attack on the Koopa Bros Paper Mario
Shell Theme Riding the Shell Rayman 2: The Great Escape
HUB #3 Shooting Star Summit Paper Mario
Miniboss fight Miracle Matter Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Version Changes

As with major hacks, SS3 has updates that fixes some bugs. The final update is 2.0 (June 5, 2018)

Version Released Changelog
V1.0 August 1, 2017 Intial release.
V1.1 Unknown

-Reduced some star door amounts in Overworld 1 and 2

-Added a few objects to make things easier

-Course 6 Star 1 is slightly different

-More things added for visibility

V1.2 Unknown

-Fixed Course 13 star 5 and 6

-Changed success and failure warps in C13 area 2 and 3

V1.3 Unknown

-Fixed text errors

-changed C14S6 a tiny bit

V1.3.1 Unknown

-Patched Kaze's elevator fix so now moving on upward elevators and boats won't eat Mario's jump

V2.0 June 5, 2018

-Removed useless objects (like C1 shrink platform)

-Objects that disappear don't go away forever

-Easier ways to get to Vanish Cap and to the funtimes door in OW1

-dying in the final section of the game takes you to a small death area

-C2 bonus area slightly extended

-getting to King Bob Omb is easier to do now

-various C5 fixes and objects added

-C12 area 2 warp is now easier to see

-C15 silvers

-final boss edited slightly

-some songs modified a little, most are still the same though


  1. Doesn't count the Chuck-ya that loads above the death barrier.
  2. Star 1 must be chosen to collect all coins possible.
  3. Star 1 must be chosen to collect all coins possible.
  4. The actual number is 175, but 2 coins require riding a shell all the way to the bottom of the level (where there's no way to go back), while the other 4 are impossible to collect without dying in the process.
  5. Total amount found after the events of Star 4.
  6. Doesn't count the Chuck-ya that loads and clips through the floor. Star 3 must be chosen to collect all coins possible.
  7. Maximum amount that can be saved in one go.