Star Palace
Star Palace
Hack Super Mario and Planet Stardust's Rampage
Stars Required 0
Boss(es) King Starstone
Levels Chain Chomp's Star

Blast to the Starry Sky

8 Red Starbits Around the Stars

The Secret of the Star Pillars

The Secret Star Puzzle

King Starstone on the Star Top

Number of Stars 7
Music Used Super Mario Galaxy - Space Junk Galaxy
Level After Forest Valley
Stage or HUB Level is located in First overworld

Star Palace is the first course in the hack Super Mario and Planet Stardust's Rampage.


Star 1: Chain Chomp's StarEdit

This star is guarded by a chain chomp on the middle level plane of the stage (just after the large star platform)

Star 2: Blast to the Starry SkyEdit

This star is found by shooting from the cannon on the large star platform near the beginning. You will need to have talked to the bob-omb opposite the chain chomp star to have opened it.

Star 3: 8 Red Starbits Around the StarsEdit

The 8 red starbits are scattered all throughout the stage, their positions are: 1 and 2. In corners of the boxed area at the start.

3. At the edge of the large star platform.

4. On the middle plane, next to the pillars.

5. On the middle plane, just beyond the bob-omb buddy.

6. On the walkway connected the middle plane to the top one.

7. Sitting out in the open on the top plane.

8. Next to the building on the top plane surrounded by pillars.

The star spawns between the two pillars on the middle plane.

Star 4: The Secret of the Star PillarsEdit

This star can be found by standing on the spot where the red starbit star appeared.

Star 5: The Secret Star PuzzleEdit

You need to collect 5 secrets located on the star platforms, the ones with secrets on them are:

1. The second one of the set at the very beginning.

2. The first of the two leading to the big star platform.

3. The third one of the set leading to the middle plane.

4. The third one of the set leading to the top plane.

5. On the fourth star pillar on the top plane.

The star spawns on the base of the top plane.

Star 6: King Starstone on the Star TopEdit

For this star, you simply need to climb the pillars on the top plane. At the top you will find King Starstone. He takes 3 hits to defeat and the star spawns on the same platform you fight him on.


  • Goomba
  • Chain Chomp
  • Fly Guy
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