Star Revenge 2: Night of Doom (Also known as SR2, NoD, or SR2 Act2 NoD) is a hack made by BroDute and serves as a sequel to Star Revenge 2 (Act 1) To The Moon. It was released in July 2013. v1.0 - v1.1 contains 152 Stars while v1.2 contains 160 unique stars. This hack is a much harder version of Super Mario 64: Star Revenge Redone and is often considered to be one of the hardest full Super Mario 64 hacks out there. However, due to the release of hacks such as King Boo's Revenge 2 and Super Mario Treasure World, Star Revenge 2: Night of Doom is no longer the most difficult Mario 64 hack according to popular belief.

A few years later, an "easier" version was released as Star Revenge 2.5: Remnant of Doom.

On September 22, 2018, this hack has been updated to v1.2. It includes some QoL fixes, such as Invisible wall fix & removing vanish cap effect from start. BroDute also says that "for those that like v1.0, there is a version that has just the new title screen and the new hud numbers, letters and HP bar that v1.1 had, the rest is the same."

v1.2 or later Removed 100 Coins Level, You Have 50 Lives.


Name of level Level(s) replaced Number of Stars available v1.0 - v1.1 (v1.2+) Stars required Notes
First Overworld Castle Courtyard 1 0 This area contains tons of quicksand, lava, and enemies. It also has yellow boxes that contain red coins, which reward 1 star when collected.
Bob Omb's Sand Valley (v1.0 - v1.1)

Reset Valley (v1.2+)

Bob-omb Battlefield 7 0
Frozen Mushroom Cliffs (v1.0 - v1.1)

Frozen Mushie Cliffs (v1.2+)

Whomp's Fortress 7 0
Bowser's Old Domain (v1.0 - v1.1)

Toxicity Basement (v1.2+)

Bowser in the Dark World 6 (7) 0 This entire level contains toxic air that decreases Mario's health quickly.
Lost Bay Town

(v1.0 - v1.1)

Lost Trash Town (v1.2+)

Jolly Roger Bay 7 7
Melting Ice Resort (v1.0 - v1.1)

The 2nd Snow Level (v1.2+)

Cool, Cool Mountain 7 10
Blue Nightmare Sky (v1.0 - v1.1)

Nightmare Design Sky (v1.2+)

Big Boo's Haunt 7 15
Old Sand Slide (v1.0 - v1.1)

Old Sans Slide (v1.2+)

Vanish Cap under the Moat 6 (7) 0 The Vanish Cap is located in this level.
Anti-Weegee The Princess's Secret Slide 1 (2) 0 The entrance to this course is hidden in Blue Nightmare Sky.
Bowser's Sky Palace (v1.0 - v1.1)

Bause's Sky Palace (v1.2+)

The Secret Aquarium 6 (7) 20 The Wing Cap is located in this level.
Second Overworld Castle Grounds 1 20
Extinct Volcano Lagoon (v1.0 - v1.1)

Volcanic Water Level Pog (v1.2+)

Hazy Maze Cave 7 20
Metal Cap Lava Bay (v1.0 - v1.1)

Do You Like Lava? (v1.2+)

Cavern of the Metal Cap 6 (7) 20 The Metal Cap is located in this level.
Grey Forest Temple (v1.0 - v1.1)

Forest with a Temple in Gray (v1.2+)

Lethal Lava Land 7 30
Big Sand Cavern (v1.0 - v1.1)

Common Death Cavern (v1.2+)

Shifting Sand Land 7 40
Mysterious Snow Castle (v1.0 - v1.1)

Yet Another Snow Level (v1.2+)

Dire, Dire Docks 7 50
Tricky Towers Trials Snowman's Land 7 55
Space Memories (v1.0 - v1.1)

Soace Memories (v1.2+)

Tower of the Wing Cap 6 (7) 40
100 Coin Comet (v1.0 - v1.1)

100! Mah Boi (v1.2+)

Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 1 (2) 20
Bowser's New Sky Palace (v1.0 - v1.1)

Is this a SM74 copy? (v1.2+)

Bowser in the Fire Sea 6 (7) 60
Dat Letters (v1.0 - v1.1)

Dat Letters O Shit Waddup (v1.2+)

Wet-Dry World 7 60
Rainbow Drugs Tall, Tall Mountain 7 75
Oldschool Sand Fields (v1.0 - v1.1)

TTM but with Quicksand (v1.2+)

Tiny-Huge Island 7 100
Blue Volcano Town (v1.0 - v1.1)

TTM but Lava this time (v1.2+)

Tick Tock Clock 7 110
Discolored Madness Rainbow Ride 7 120
Destroyed Star Boulevard (v1.0 - v1.1)

Original Level DO NOT STEAL (v1.2+)

Bowser in the Sky 7 (6) 90 The 7th star can only be reached from a warp in Discolored Madness


Name of sequence Game(s) with this sequence Used in
Creepy Castle Donkey Kong 64 Title Screen(v1.0 - v1.1)/Lost Bay Town(v1.0 - v1.1)/Lost Trash Town (v1.2 or Later)/Bowser's Sky Palace Battle (v1.0 - v1.1)/Bause's Sky Palace Battle (v1.2 or Later)
Professor E.Gadd's Lab Luigi's Mansion File Select
Gruntilda's Lair (Main) Banjo Kazooie Overworld 1 & 2
The Dungeon is Full of Monsters Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Overworld 3
Gerudo Desert The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Bob-omb's Sand Valley (v1.0 - v1.1)/Reset Valley (v1.2 or Later)/Oldschool Sand Fields (v1.0 - v1.1)/TTM but with Quicksand (v1.2 or Later)
In A Snow Bound Land Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Frozen Mushroom Cliffs (v1.0 - v1.1)/Frozen Mushie Cliffs (v1.2 Later)
A Snow Light Tales of Symphonia Melting Ice Resort (v1.0 - v1.1)/The 2nd Snow Level (v1.2 or Later)
Twilight The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Blue Nightmare Sky (v1.0 - v1.1)/Nightmare Design Sky (v1.2 or Later)
Thwomp Caverns Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Extinct Volcano Lagooon (v1.0 - v1.1)/Volcanic Water Level Pog (v1.2 or Later)
Forever Forest Theme Paper Mario Grey Forest Temple (v1.0 - v1.1)/Forest with a Temple in Gray (v1.2 or Later)
Underground Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Big Sand Cavern (v1.0 - v1.1)/Common Death Cavern (v1.2 or Later)
Snowhead The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Mysterious Snow Castle (v1.0 - v1.1)/Yet Another Snow Level (v1.2 or Later)
Library Piano Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Tricky Towers Trials
Eternal Star Mario Party Dat Letters (v1.0 - v1.1)/Dat Letters O Shit Waddup (v1.2 or Later)
Rainbow Road Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Drugs
Hot Head Bop Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Blue Volcano Town (v1.0 - v1.1)/TTM but Lava this time (v1.2 or Later)
Crocodile Cacophony Discolored Madness
Stone Tower Temple The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Bower's Sky Palace (v1.0 - v1.1)/Bause's Sky Palace (v1.2 or Later)/ Bowser's New Sky Palace (v1.0 - v1.1)/Is this a SM74 copy? (v1.2 or Later)
Hyrule Castle Tower The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Destroyed Star Boulevard (v1.0 - v1.1)/Original Level DO NOT STEAL (v1.2 or Later)
Medley of Music Castlevania Bowser's New Sky Palace Battle (v1.0 - v1.1)/Is this a SM74 copy? Battle (v1.2 or Later)/Old Sand Slide (v1.0 - v1.1)/Old Sans Slide (v1.2 or Later)
Ultimate Koopa Super Mario 64 Final Boss
Gloomy Manor Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Anti-Weegee/Star Select
Space Junk Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Space Memories (v1.0 - v1.1)/Soace Memories (v1.2 or Later)
Purple Comet 100 Coin Comet (v1.0 - v1.1)/ 100! Mah Boi (v1.2 or Later)
Red Mountain Bomberman 64 Metal Cap Lava Bay (v1.0 - v1.1)/Do You Like Lava? (v1.2 or Later)
Bunker 2 Goldeneye 007 Bowser's Old Domain (v1.0 - v1.1)/Toxicity Basement (v1.2 or Later)
Toad's Turnpike Mario Kart 64 Koopa Race
Powerful Mario (Despacito Edit) Super Mario 64 Wing Cap/Shell Theme/Vanish Cap(v1.2 or Later)
Stage 2 Theme Kirby's Block Ball Wing Cap/Shell Theme/Vanish Cap(v1.0 - v1.1)
Metallic Mario (v1.0 - v1.1)

Metallic Mario (Grand Dad Edit) (v1.2 or Later)

Super Mario 64 Metal Cap Theme
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