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Star Revenge 5: Neo Blue Realm is a ROM Hack made by BroDute. Despite its title it is actually a remake of Star Revenge 0.5 - Unused Levels, which may be confusing.

There are three possible endings - a BroDute race, the Nightmare Factory, and an Eyerock fight, however there are no end screens. Leaving the ending zone after each of these will result in a solid black screen until the game is reset.




Name Stars Stars Required Notes
Outside Castle Blaudia 1 0
Inside Castle Blaudia 4 There are three Toad stars and a hidden red coin room.
Midnight Forest Valley Yakan 7
Secret Underground Slide 2 Located in the toilet near the entrance to Midnight Forest Valley Yakan
Sunset Ocean Islands 7 2
Sunken Wing Cap Ship 1 Located in Sunset Ocean Islands
Snowy Pencool Slide Resort 7 5
Missingno's Park 1 10 First and only Bowser Stage
Oldschool Magmatic Sewers 7 11
Abandoned Metal Mine 2 Located in Oldschool Magmatic Sewers
Forgotten Cove of Fiore 7
Fogwood Forest 2 20
Sandy Sand Desert Canyon 7 The 70 Star Door Opened.
Skyhigh Kingdom in the Evening 7
V A P O R S P A C E 1 30
BroDute Race Located in V A P O R S P A C E
The End (Castle Blaudia) 0 31 Collecting the BroDute Race star will warp Mario here.
The End (Brodute Race) 1 Located in The End (Castle Blaudia)
Reverse Castle Blaudia 65 Entered through a pipe near Forgotten Cove of Fiore. Contains the Vanish Cap Switch.
Nightmare Factory TBA Entered by standing on a sign in front of the barred off pipe outside the castle. Enter Midnight Forest Valley Yakan, select Star 2, and exit course to activate the warp.
The End (Nightmare Factory) 0 Collecting the Red Coin Star will warp Mario here.
Blue Realm Outer Core 1 65 Located through the barred off pipe outside of the castle. Requires the Vanish Cap, hidden in a tree next to the castle.
Blue Realm Core Heart Eyerock fight stage, located at the end of Blue Realm Outter Core.
The End (Eyerock Ending) Collecting the Eyerock star will warp Mario here.


Used in Song
File Select LazyTown - We are Number One
Star Select Undertale - Start Menu
Outside Castle Blaudia Yoshi's Safari - Grass Land
Inside Castle Blaudia Undertale - Home
Midnight Forest Valley Yakan New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Forest Theme
Secret Underground Slide Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Rogueport Sewers
Missingno's Park TBA - TBA
Abandoned Metal Mine Undertale - Another Medium
Sunset Ocean Islands TBA - TBA
Snowy Pencool Slide Resort
Oldschool Magmatic Sewers Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Mystic Cave
Forgotten Cove of Fiore TBA - TBA
Fogwood Forest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Treeshroud Forest
Sandy Sand Desert Canyon Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - Sinking in Quicksand!
Skyhigh Kingdom in the Evening Mario Party - Rainbow Castle
Reversed Castle Blaudia Mario Kart 64 - Bowser's Castle
Blue Realm Core Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Bowser's Castle
Nightmare Factory TBA - TBA
Blue Realm Core Heart
Wing Cap
Metal Cap
Vanish Cap
Brodute Race

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