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Star Revenge 6: Luigi's Adventure is a ROM Hack made by BroDute. It is the sixth main title in the series, and is the only one to feature Luigi instead of Mario.

The third Bowser stage is entered near Nightstar Sanctuary, which is only the tenth stage. There is a basement area, which acts as a sort of epilogue, with two more full levels, a secret level, and a boss fight which is significantly more difficult than the final Bowser fight.

Unlike in most hacks, the Vanish Cap and Wing Cap stages are full seven-star levels, and can be accessed fairly early despite being labelled as Courses 11 and 12.

This hack got updated (as 1.3) in August 8, 2018 with a new title screen, QoL changes, fixes and 1 more star. Later, This hack also got updated to 1.3.1, 6 red coins can be collected in Bowser's Red Coin Star as well.

A remake is now available, known as Star Revenge 6.25: Luigi's Adventure DX.


Name Stars

[1.0 - 1.2(1.3+)]

Stars Required Notes
Mushroom Kingdom 5 0 Starting zone, leads to the castle
Lakeside Golf 7 There are 141 coins in this level.
Sandy Tar Fields 2 There are 152 coins in this level.
Autumn Night Heights 5 There are 183 coins in this level.
Morning Mountain Karox There are 176 coins in this level.
Star Powder Valley Vanish Cap Stage, entered by a warp under a Kuromame in Morning Mountain Karox. There are 169 coins in this level. Listed as Course 11
D. Wiggler's Rainy Castle 1 15 First Bowser Stage. There are 77 coins in this level.
Castle Underground Slide stage, entered through the toilet in the second overworld
Frozen Boo Valley 7 There are 213 coins in this level.
Magmatic Wing Cave Wing Cap Stage, entered through a hidden pipe in Frozen Boo Valley. There are 205 coins in this level. Listed as Course 12
Old Bully Habour There are 237 coins in this level.

Based on an unused Night of Doom Bowser level.

San Frankoopsko 20 There are 236 coins in this level.
Desert Temple Netsu There are 183 coins in this level.
Timerock's Warehouse 1 30 Second Bowser Stage. There are 77 coins in this level.
[1]Daystar Pantheon 7 There are 207 coins in this level.
Nightstar Sanctuary 40 There are 168 coins in this level.
Bowser's Tower Maze? 5 50 Final Bowser Stage. There are 75 coins in this level.
Back to the Beginning 7 40 Entered through a pipe in Nightstar Sanctuary where Star 6 was in Daystar Pantheon. Contains the "Warp Block Switch." This level is a re-creation of the first overworld of Star Revenge Redone. There are 205 coins in this level.
Burning Habour Entered through a warp in a room behind a Bowser painting in the second overworld, after the "Warp Block Switch" is activated. Based on Palm Harbour from Star Revenge 3. There are 166 coins in this level.
Shredded Worlds in Blue 7 80 Contains the pipe to Kapthwomp's Arena. There are 168 coins in this level.
Kapthwomp's Arena 1 Boss fight against a version of the Whomp King, awards a star.
Yoshi's Island 1 1 110
Peach's New Castle 0 (1) TBA Go to any course, select Star 6 and exit course. Go back to Mushroom Kingdom then go to the toilet to warp to Peach's New Castle.


Used in Song
File Select Löwenzahn - Theme Song
Star Select/Mario's House WarioWare: Touched! - Title
Outside Mario's House Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - Super Pipe House
Outside the Castle New Super Mario Bros. - Lava Overworld
Inside the Castle Super Mario Bros. - Castle Theme
Lakeside Golf Mario Golf - Boo Classic
Prince Bob-Omb Boss Battle Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - Boss Battle
Sandy Tar Fields Donkey Kong 64 - Angry Aztec
Autumn Night Heights Donkey Kong 64 - Fungi Forest (Night)
Morning Mountain Karox Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - The Law of Pajamaja
D. Wiggler's Rainy Castle Chrono Trigger - Silent Light
D. Wiggler's Rainy Castle Boss Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Boss Battle
Star Powder Valley Kirby Super Star - Save Hut
Frozen Boo Valley Tales of Symphonia - A Snow Light
Magmatic Wing Cave Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - Thwomp Caverns
Old Bully Habour Bomberman 64 - Blue Resort
San Frankoopsko Mario Kart 8 - Sunshine Airport
Desert Temple Netsu The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Gerudo Desert
Timerock's Warehouse Team Fortress 2 - Intruder Alert
Timerock's Warehouse Boss Donkey Kong 64 - Creepy Castle Boss - King Kut Out
Daystar Pantheon/Nightstar Sanctuary The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Stone Tower (Same music as Luminium and Ombru Sphere from Super Mario 74)
Bowser's Tower Maze? Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Tower of Riddles
Back to the Beginning Super Mario Bros. - Overworld (Super Mario All-Stars Remix)
Burning Habour Bomberman 64 - Red Mountain
Shredded Worlds in Blue The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Twilight
Yoshi's Island 1 Super Mario World - Overworld
Koopa Race Mario Kart 64 - Toad's Turnpike
Wing Cap/Vanish Cap/Shell Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Pipe Room
Kapthwomp's Arena Donkey Kong 64 - Jungle Japes Boss - Army Dillo
Morning Mountain Karox (Inside Cave) Seiken Densetsu 3 - Few Paths Forbidden
Bowser Defeated Super Mario 64 - Ultimate Koopa Clear

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