This is article about Super Mario Star Road series. For original hack, see Super Mario Star Road.

Super Luigi Star Road is a Rom hack made by Quasmok. The levels and hub worlds were taken from Super Mario Star Road, but Mario is replaced with a custom Luigi model with a modified voice as well.

Geoshi has recently updated the hack with improvements and added some new content.

Luigi has moves similar to those in Super Luigi Galaxy. He runs faster and jumps higher, but he also slides when stopping, and loses air faster while underwater.

Levels Edit

Level Stars Stars Required
Bob-omb Islands 7 0
Sky Land Resort 7 0
Piranha Plant Pond 7 0
Chuckya Harbor 7 8
Gloomy Garden 7 8
Colorful Coral Caverns 7 20
Koopa Canyon 7 30
Large Leaf Forest 7 20
Mad Musical Mess 7 30
Melting Snow Peaks 7 20
Colossal Candy Clutter 7 40
Cloudrail Station 7 40
Fatal Flame Falls 7 40
Bob-omb Battle Factory 7 65
Starlight Runway 7 65

Secret Levels Edit

Level Stars Stars Required
Mushroom Mountain Town 3 0
Creepy Cap Cave 2 8
Puzzle of the Vanish Cap 2 8
Bowser's Slippery Swamp 2 20
Sandy Slide Secret 3 20
Retro Remix Castle 2 40
Bowser's Rainbow Rumble 2 80
Hidden Palace Finale 2 120
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