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SM64: Ocarina of Time is ROM hack created by Kaze Emanuar on March 26, 2018. This SM64 Hack is a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but made it to fit into a Mario 64 (style) title. The hack contains 171 stars, and features no distinct courses as the world is all linked together.

The game features Story, Levels and other aspects of Ocarina as if it were in a Mario themed universe, and while the game doesn't feature courses, every distinct area at least has one star to obtain.

The game carries all known aspects of Ocarina as well, such as the time travel mechanic, the only difference is that in this ROM hack, Mario can travel through time at will.


In a parallel universe, Hyrule is inhabited by the Mushroom Kingdom's various creatures. There are 9 Grand Stars that are being held by all the kings of different species. This keeps the balance of nature in Hyrule, but one unfortunate day, Bowser gets a hold of the Black Grand Star. With its power, he started attacking parts of the outside regions, and the leadership has gotten worried that he is going to take over all of Hyrule if no one could oppose him. Peach came up with a plan to send Mario on a search through all of Hyrule and into the future in order to prepare him to be able to face off with Bowser. She sends out a Toad with a message for Mario, and here our story begins...


Note: Most Star totals are listed as unknown, requiring playthroughs to determine the exact number of Stars. Area names are correct. Areas with slashes occupy the same map as each other.


Area Name Number of Stars + Upgrade Entry Requirement Notes
Kokiri Forest ? + Magic Bar N/A
Hyrule Field ? Vanish Cap A Fairy Fountain is located to the right (if leaving the town) of the drawbridge, requiring either the Bomb Defuser or Super Ground Pound to access. The entrance to the 40 Trials is located below the cliff that leads to Gerudo Valley.
Castle Town 6 + Star Radar N/A The owl Koopora Goombora is found here, who will give you new powerups if you speak to him with 40, 70, and 120 Stars.
Hyrule Castle 1 + Peach’s Letter The path to the final boss opens here after gathering all 6 future Grand Stars. A Fairy Fountain is located within the dead end along the main path.
Yoshi Ranch 6 + Ponshi
Kakariko Village/Graveyard ? A house in this area has a cursed NPC that will give you new powerups if you speak to him with 30, 60, 90, and 170 Stars. A Fairy Fountain is located underneath the second grave of the front row of graves.
Death Mountain (Trail and Crater)/Goron City ? + Cannon Permit Peach’s Letter Two Fairy Fountains are located here: One on top of the mountain, one within the Crater to the right (if leaving) of the entrance to Goron City.
Zora’s River/Domain/Fountain ? Bomb Defuser Two Fairy Fountains are located here: One along Zora’s River on top of the large landmass (requiring wall jumps), one in Zora’s Fountain behind a breakable wall.
Future Castle Town 1 Time Travel
Outside Ganon’s Castle 2 N/A A Fairy Fountain is located here, all the way at the end of the path.
Lost Woods/Sacred Forest Meadow ? Magic Bar One Star in the future does not register on the Star Radar. Access to the Sacred Forest Meadow section is normally blocked in the past. A Fairy Fountain is located within the Sacred Forest Meadow maze.
Lake Hylia N/A
Gerudo Valley
Gerudo Fortress (Outside) Hover Boots A Fairy Fountain is located here, right outside the main door.
Haunted Wasteland N/A
Desert Colossus Two Fairy Fountains are located here: One in a wall to the right (when entering from Haunted Wasteland), one within the oasis.


Area Name Number of Stars + Upgrade Entry Requirement Notes
Temple of Time 1 + Time Travel N/A The Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Grand Stars are required to break down the door and reach the Star on the other side.
Windmill 2 Access beyond the first room from the grave entrance is blocked in the past.
Royal Family's Tomb ? + Anti-Gravity Badge
Gerudo Fortress (Inside) ? Completing the “fetch the ingredients” Star in the past is required to access Haunted Wastelands in the future.
Fairy Fountains 12 (total) Various Each different Fountain holds one Star. When a Fountain’s Star is collected, you can warp to that Fountain’s area from any other Fountain.


Area Name Number of Stars + Upgrade Entry Requirement Notes
Inside the Deku Tree 3 + Vanish Cap Magic Bar Boss: Big Scuttlebug (Emerald Grand Star)
Bob-Omb Cavern 6 + Bomb Defuser Cannon Permit Boss: King Bob-omb (Ruby Grand Star)
Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly ? + Super Ground Pound N/A Boss: Armored Amp (Sapphire Grand Star)
Forest Temple 6 + Hat Throw Time Travel Boss: Big Black Boo (Forest Grand Star)
Fire Temple 6 + Fire Suit Hat Throw Boss: Big Blargg (Fire Grand Star)
Ice Cavern 4 + Life Trade Bomb Defuser Can be done at any time. This dungeon has no effect on the story.
Water Temple 8 + Metal Cap Hat Throw Boss: Big Manta (Water Grand Star)

An eel blocks the way into this dungeon while in the past.

Bottom of the Well ? + Truthseeing Lens Metal Cap
Shadow Temple ? + Hover Boots Truthseeing Lens Boss: Thwomp King (Shadow Grand Star)
Gerudo’s Training Ground ? + Ice Flower Hover Boots Can be done at any time. This dungeon has no effect on the story.
Spirit Temple ? + Spin Gloves Boss: Big Koopa Troopa (Spirit Grand Star)
Bowser's Castle 7 All 5 future Grand Stars Boss: Bowser (Future) (Future Black Grand Star)
Bowser’s Hideout 1 Future Black Grand Star Boss: Bowser (Past) (Past Black Grand Star)
Pit of 40 Trials 0 + BLJ N/A Can be done at any time. This dungeon has no effect on the story.


  • This hack could be considered as a revival or continuation of "Super Zelda 64", a old hack made back in 2013.
  • The Logo looks like it has a plunger.
  • This hack was blocked by Nintendo for copyright.
Kaze Emanuar
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