Super Mario 64 Hacks Wiki

Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition is a romhack made by Kaze Emanuar in 2014 and contains 121 stars. This hack doesn't change anything in any of the games level. But this utilizes a Special Gecko Mod (or Gamesharks) which allow it to automatically activate and deactivate random codes at random times. This hack is made to challenge players to play through Mario 64 while the random codes either impedes or helps with any progress through the game. Latest version is 3.0

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 comes with the following effects:

  • Gravititation pull
  • Super high jumps
  • Constant invulnarability frame
  • Unable to walk in a direction
  • Texture corruption
  • Unable to jump
  • Mario turns into a sign
  • Camera follows mario slowly
  • Camera doesn't center on mario
  • Flattened mario
  • Unable to open doors
  • Randomly restart levels
  • Choir music (mario sings the music)
  • Boos disguised as wing caps replaces sign (Can kill mario in one hit)
  • Health drains over time
  • Giant Mario
  • Everything will follow Mario (fast prior to 3.0,slow in 3.0)
  • Tunnel vision
  • Fast music
  • Mario's head spin vertically whenever reading text
  • Repeatedly using star when unlocking star doors
  • Riding invisible shells
  • Rainbow mario and textures
  • Corrupted textures
  • Giant mario
  • Low gravity
  • Mario gets flung backwards at high speeds when running forward a bit

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 comes with the following effects:

  • Camera turned sideways
  • Jump and punch buttons are swapped
  • Mario's head turns into a sign
  • Can only move into two directions
  • Objects grows larger
  • Slow music
  • Mario freezes in animation when performing actions
  • Mario always faces the cameras
  • Mario sinks into the ground
  • Spins in place or jumping
  • Mario spazzes out when jumping
  • All cap powerups cycle through rapidly
  • Paper mario
  • Coins makes mario lose health
  • certain objects and enemies spins vertically

Version 3.0

Version 3.0 comes with the following effects:

  • Ground is quicksand
  • Mario has Infinite running acceleration
  • Health rapidly cycles
  • Certain ground textures is lava
  • Random wind
  • Timer
  • Cartridge tilt
  • Mario is stretched by height and/or width
  • Star randomly spawns (May end up underground)
  • Tilted camera
  • Mario constantly moves forward or backwards even when standing still may clip through walls
  • Quick time event or mario dies
  • Everything faces the camera
  • Pong must win or mario dies
  • Random buttons are randomly pressed and spammed
  • Green demon
  • Mario takes fall damage from any height
  • Mario Sound effects replaced with random sound effect
  • Lag
  • Super bouncy enemies
  • fire spawns when you press B
  • Camera stays in place
  • camera shakes
  • Mario changes colors
  • unable to use certain buttons
  • Mario constantly trips and falls
  • interacting with doors will teleport mario.
  • Random corrupted mario clone appears behaves as goombas. Infinitely spawns more when killed
  • Mario ignores death planes
  • Aerial movement is same as moving on the ground
  • Randomized music
  • random level
  • Objects changes length, width, and/or height often shrinks objects
  • Random Text box
  • Toad textures (as it would look like super releasio 64)
  • Debug mode
  • Stars may look like they have already been collected but they haven't
  • Walk underwater
  • Walk on lava
  • Objects spins in random directions
  • Press Z to take damage
  • High gravity
  • Taking damage makes you lose coins
  • Triple Jump into a spin jumps
  • Pausing kills mario
  • Double coins
  • Jumping teleport mario higher in the air
  • Game removes a life (can cause life counter to go into negative lives)
  • Distorted audio


  • Since collecting the 121st star ends the game, the most stars possible to have in a save file is 120.
  • Chaos Edition became a popular hack, that Kaze updated the hack to make a more chaotic effect.
  • He also released the same chaos effect in Ocarina of Time soon after because of popularity.
  • This hack inspired other Chaos Edition hacks, such as Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Kaze says that he doesn't want the game to be taken too seriously and he doesn't want you to get progress through the game. However people still have beaten this hack, even in speedruns.
  • While this hack is still playable in some cases, it is still unstable as it tends to cause the game to crash a lot. On slide levels it will crash a lot more often than other levels.
  • Version 3.0 has many of its crashes fixed