Super Mario 64 DS 2: a New Adventure is an upcoming DS ROM hack by Splatterboy. This hack doesn't add new levels, instead it removes every star in the game and adds new ones in different places.


After Mario's adventure on Isle Delfino, he gave Luigi the Rocket Nozzle and Wario the Turbo Nozzle. He kept the Hover Nozzle himself.

Some time after, they were kidnapped by Bowser. Yoshi heard the news and returned to Peach's Castle.

Power UpsEdit

Every character can wear Feathers now.

Mega Mushrooms can appear out of ? Blocks.


Because the Y button is used for FLUDD, every character runs automatically.

To refill FLUDD you need to be in the water and hold Y.

Hover NozzleEdit

Press Y to hover in the air.

If you hold Y, you can hover in the air for 4 seconds.

The Hover Nozzle uses 1% water per second.

Rocket NozzleEdit

Hold Y for 2 seconds to launch in the air.

The Rocket Nozzle uses 5% water per launch.

Turbo NozzleEdit

Hold Y to run really fast, even over water.

The Turbo Nozzle uses 1% water per second.


Super Mario 64 DS 2: a New Adventure will contain opening cutscenes for each main course and some side levels. These cutscenes will only play once, you can find a list of cutscenes here.

Courses and MissionsEdit

Coming soon...