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Super Mario 64: Into Bowser's Castle is a SM64 major hack made by Deinol, featuring 15 new courses with 120 stars.


Mario has set off to break into Bowser's castle and cause him a ruckus. Has Bowser learned his lesson yet or is it the opposite?

Main Courses

Course Name Stars Notes
1 Bubbler's Bathroom 7 This course is a representation of Deinol's real life bathroom.
2 Old Kent's Farm This is the only course where no music is played. The level and name are based off of Superman.
3 Hueyatl Village The Vanish Cap course is located in this course by entering the sewage through the manhole.
4 Shining Star Stadium The level is based on the Olympic Games. The level name is a reference of another hack: Shining Stars.
5 Paper Park
6 Midnight City The Wing Cap course is located in this course by entering the phone booth.
7 Jurassic Zone The Metal Cap course is located in this course by entering the pipe inside the volcano.
8 Spooky Mansion This course is the tiniest in size ever made, making the navigation a little difficult to manage.
9 Ogenus' Ancient Ruins
10 Snowy Glacier
11 Damp-Dry Grotto
12 Fetid Filthy Landfill
13 Princess' Golf Course This level is a reference of the Mario Golf series.
14 Foul Factory A warp pipe takes to the next course after completing it.
15 Gamma Probing Site

Secret Courses

Course Name Stars Notes
Bowser 1 Bowser's Faded Castle 1 The only star is to collect all 8 red coins scattered around each of these levels.
Bowser 2 Bowser's Lost Garden
Bowser 3 Bowser's Molten Lair
Vanish Cap Faded Forest 3 Red coins are scattered around the area; the second star is enclosed in a cage at the end of the forest along with the Vanish Cap Switch and the third star is hidden behind the waterfall.
Wing Cap Midnight City (Sky) 1 This level's only star is to collect all red coins by flying across the floating hoops.
Metal Cap Magma Chamber 2 Red coins are scattered around the chamber, whereas the second star is represented by five secret crystals atop the pillars.
Busy Road Secrets are scattered across the traffic lane, whereas the second star is hidden in the blue truck.
Seasonal Void This level is based on the Four Seasons. Both secrets and red coins are placed all around the traditional sections.
Oil Rig Red coins are scattered around the rig, whereas the second star is inside one of the boxes located atop the rig.
Ending Cemetery 0 You are teleported here after the final boss. A "The End" screen does not trigger, and falling out of the world returns you to outside Bowser's Castle.


Song Track Used in
Castle & Fortress Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Bowser's Castle (Outdoors)
Ghost House (Super Mario Bros. 3) Super Mario Maker 2 Bowser's Castle (Interior)
Rogueport Sewers Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Bubbler's Bathroom
Level 3 MC Kids Hueyatl Village
Crazy Cap Super Mario Odyssey Shining Star Stadium
Home Sweet Home EarthBound Paper Park
Toad's Turnpike Mario Kart 64 Midnight City / Busy Road
Hailfire Peaks Banjo-Tooie Jurassic Zone / Magma Chamber
Inside the Mansion Luigi's Mansion Spooky Mansion
Dire, Dire Docks Super Mario 64 Ogenus' Ancient Ruins
A Snow Light Tales of Symphonia Snowy Glacier
Blooper Bay Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Damp-Dry Grotto
Silent Night Chrono Trigger Fetid Filthy Landfill
Boo Valley (Classic) Mario Golf 64 Princess' Golf Course
Cave Dungeon Super Mario 64 Foul Factory
Space Junk Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Gamma Probing Site
In the Nightmare Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time / Darkness / Sky Faded Forest
Believe In Yourself Arthur (TV Opening Theme) Seasonal Void
Main Theme Super Mario 64 Oil Rig
Bowser's Road Bowser's Faded Castle / Bowser's Lost Garden / Bowser's Molten Lair
Bowser's Theme Bowser Fight
Ultimate Koopa Final Bowser Fight