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Super Mario 74 is a ROM hack made by Lugmillord. It was released in June 2011 and contains 151 stars. The difficulty is amped up, but not so much to the point of ruining the fun. It starts very easy, and has a hard difficulty curve. It doesn't get too hard until the very end, and even more so in the final two "sphere" levels.

More over, the creator made an even harder version called Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition reusing levels from this game (replacing Champion's Challenge with Triarc-Bridge), but for the purpose of making them devilishly difficult.

The graphics are still the same as the original game, but there are few changes like the music, though most of the tracks still stay the same. The overworlds mostly contain pipes and instant warp zones hidden inside the pseudo-paintings in order to transport between the levels.

This hack also has a very silly tone and is most likely meant to be a parody. The NPCs are there mostly for a quick laugh or joke, and getting a specific amount of stars usually results in a message taunting the player, saying that they're going too slow. Even some of the star names are taunting the player, such as any of the ones that are simply called "Secret..." or "Can You Find Me?". There are also some times that the game mentions the original Super Mario 64 by name/game and breaks the fourth wall.

Currently, this hack is being redone by the Project 74 team.

Amit Sujauddin later went on to make Super Mario 74 DS, a SM64DS version of this hack.

In January 2021, MarioCrash released a crossover of SM74 and SM74EE, called Super Mario 74: Ten Years After, which introduces new themes for the levels, as well as new missions. It was made as a celebration of SM74's 10th anniversary in 2021.


The main plot of this game is explained by a Toad close to where you spawn when you enter the Valley of the Toads. As usual, Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser. However, there are more than the usual 120 stars, implying that is a direct sequel to Super Mario 64. The extra 30 stars happened to be hidden in the toilet. In-game, these 30 stars are placed throughout the overworlds and in the secret stages. Also, once you get to the final two levels, Mario learns of the Kubus(es), which are cubes that control certain aspects of every video game in existence. Though there are five in total, two are introduced in the original. The Kubus of Light provides energy for sunlight in every video game, and the Kubus of Darkness produces all of the darkness in every video game.


Name of level Level(s) replaced Number of Stars available Stars required Amount of coins in the level
Dice-Fortress Bob-omb Battlefield 7 0 121
Skyward Slopes Whomp's Fortress 122
Azure-Abyss Jolly Roger Bay 131
System of a Town Cool, Cool Mountain 10+ 147
Haunted Factory Big Boo's Haunt 226
Stalagmite Cave Hazy Maze Cave 30 135
Icecrystal-Tower Lethal Lava Land 167
Overheating Oasis Shifting Sand Land 30+ 144
Flowery Gardens Dire, Dire Docks 10+ 110
Swampy Spring Snowman's Land 50+ 133
Sunny Beach Wet-Dry World 100
Cliff of Wrath Tall, Tall Mountain 116
Molten Treasure Chest Tiny-Huge Island 50+ 255
Luminium-Sphere Tick Tock Clock 85 148
Ombru-Sphere Rainbow Ride 95 141

Bonus Levels

Name of level Level(s) replaced Number of Stars available Stars required Notes
Toxic-Switch of Danger Cavern of the Metal Cap 5 0 This entire level contains toxic air that can decrease Mario's health very quickly.
Bowser's Badlands-Battlefield Bowser in the Dark World 4 10 N/A
Tower of the East Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 6 10+
Lava-Switch of Eruption Tower of the Wing Cap 3
Dust-Switch of Identity Vanish Cap Under the Moat 6
Frozen Slide The Princess's Secret Slide 4
Bowser's Aquatic Castle Bowser in the Fire Sea 5 50
Champion's Challenge The Secret Aquarium 2 50+ The second Star in this level is also the 151st and final Star in the game.
Bowser's Crystal Palace Bowser in the Sky 6 110 There are 16 Red Coins in this level. In addition, there is also a secret entrance to the castle grounds from the original Super Mario 64 hidden somewhere in the basement of the Crystal Palace.


Name of level Level(s) replaced Number of Stars available Stars required Notes
Valley of the Toads Castle Courtyard 4 0 Two of the Stars come from Toads. The other two are held by MIPS the rabbit.
Magma Temple Castle Interior 1 50+ Once you have collected 125 Stars, you can gain access to the last of the five Mysterious Hidden Objects behind that door.
Castle Grounds 0 110+ Yoshi will still appear on the roof if you have at least 120 Stars.


Name of sequence Game(s) with this sequence Used in
Flipside Super Paper Mario File Select screen, Valley of the Toads, Tower of the East, Magma Temple
Bob-omb Battlefield Super Mario 64 Dice-Fortress, System of a Town, Flowery Gardens, Sunny Beach, Cliff of Wrath
Title Theme Press Start screen, Skyward Slopes
Dire, Dire Docks Azure-Abyss, Swampy Spring
Cave Dungeon Toxic-Switch of Danger, Stalagmite Cave
Koopa's Road Bowser's Badlands-Battlefield, Bowser's Aquatic Castle
Frantic Factory Donkey Kong 64 Haunted Factory
Snow Mountain Super Mario 64 Icecrystal-Tower
Windmill Hut The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Dust-Switch of Identity
Lethal Lava Land Super Mario 64 Lava-Switch of Eruption, Overheating Oasis, Molten Treasure Chest
Slider Frozen Slide
Stone Tower The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Luminum-Sphere, Ombru-Sphere, Piranha Plant Lullaby
Hideout Helm Donkey Kong 64 Bowser's Crystal Palace
Eternal Star Mario Party Champion's Challenge