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Super Mario 74: Ten Years After is a major ROM Hack created by Mariocrash (also known as LinCrash on Twitch). Released on January 2021, this hack is a crossover of both Lugmillord's Super Mario 74 and its Extreme Edition counterpart, which introduces newer themes for the levels, as well as newer missions. It was made as a celebration of Super Mario 74's 10th anniversary since its official public release.

According to the story and the title itself, this hack is the 3rd game of the series, which takes place 10 years later after the events of Extreme Edition; meaning that the levels are no longer devilishly difficult, although some are harder or visually close to their predecessor. While all of this is exclusive, the levels are mirrored again and fewer extras that weren't in both hacks have been included.

The new update, Deluxe Edition, released in about the day of Super Mario 74's full release, features extra QoL enhancements, additional design changes, polished collision, & reworked Sphere levels as a way to lower the game's difficulty to be blind/casual-friendly for fans and experienced players alike.


After saving Princess Peach from Bowser's evil clutches and stopping an extreme disaster, peace has returned in the Mushroom Kingdom. While its restoration process is underway, Mario notices that something is off around the worlds and is investigating the changes. Could this be Bowser taking revenge, or, some strange phenomenon about to spread across the kingdom once again?


Name Level(s) replaced Number of Stars available Stars required Total coins Notes
Dice Domain Bob-omb Battlefield 7 0 ? This level is Dice Fortress/Devil's Dice with new alterations thrown in.
Concrete Jungle Whomp's Fortress 7 ? This level is Skyward Slopes/Virusvine Veranda with new alterations thrown in.
Wallowing Wells Jolly Roger Bay 7 ? This level is a water-themed version of Azure-Abyss/Deepred Depths using the Wet-Dry World water mechanics.
Bogey Bayou Cool, Cool Mountain 7 15+ ? This level is a swamp-themed version of System of a Downtown. One of the stars is only accessible from a secret entrance via the second overworld.
Flamework Factory Big Boo's Haunt 7 ? This level is an unflooded version of Drowned Factory replaced with lava and is inhabited by Bullies.
Stalactite Cave Hazy Maze Cave 7 30 ? This level is Stalagmite-Cave/Infernopit Cave flipped upside down and is filled with water.
Crumble Rumble Tower Lethal Lava Land 7 ? This level is an island-themed Melting Ice-Crystal Tower.
Absolute Zeroasis Shifting Sand Land 7 ? This level is a snow-themed version of Overheating Oasis/Overgrown Oasis.
Nature Nocturne Dire, Dire Docks 7 ? This level is a night-themed version of Flowery Gardens/Fire Flower Fields.
Quicksand Beach Snowman's Land 7 50+ ? Quicksand Beach is a desert-themed version of Sunny Beach/Breezing Beach, while Polluted Pond is a toxic swamp version of Swampy Spring/Dried-Out Dead Desert. Unlike in Super Mario 74, both courses don't have their level order swapped back to normal.
Polluted Pond Wet-Dry World 7 ?
Cliff of Time Tall, Tall Mountain 7 ? This level has two entrances which starts in either Cliff of Wrath area or Cliff of Pain. Both areas are ghost-themed and have a significant layout like the original Sphere levels.
Sea Salt Peaks Tiny-Huge Island 7 90 ? This level is Molten Treasure Chest/Acid Peaks turned into a shallow, oceanic archipelago.
Veninium-Sphere Tick Tock Clock 7 100 ? This level is a mirrored version of Veneno-Sphere retextured to look like Luminium-Sphere. In Deluxe Edition, it has a different layout as well as a new color palette.
Delombru Sphere Rainbow Ride 7 110 ? This level is a mirrored version of Crudelo-Sphere retextured to look like Ombru-Sphere. In Deluxe Edition, it has a different layout as well as a new color palette.

Bonus Levels

Name Level(s) replaced Number of Stars available Stars required Notes
Aerial Alpine Cavern of the Metal Cap 5 15+ This level is a snow-themed version of Toxic Terrace. The Metal Cap Switch was supposed to be in this level until it was moved to Underground Slide.
Bowser's Park Party Bowser in the Dark World 4 15 This level is an altered version of Bowser's Badlands-Battlefield. The key fight has the level mirrored from Extreme Edition and is filled with lava.
Training Grounds Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 6 15+ This level is a slightly altered version of Lake of the Lords with few changes.
Lava Pit of Inversion Tower of the Wing Cap 3 30 This level is a mix-up of the lava basin from Devil's Pit at the bottom with suspended towers from Lava-Switch of Eruption on top.
Dusty Darkness Vanish Cap Under the Moat 6 15+ This level is an enhanced version of Dust-Switch of Identity/Dust Destination with greyscale visuals. The fog and blizzard (or falling snow in the Deluxe) effect are still present.
Underground Slide The Princess's Secret Slide 4 0 This level is an enhanced version of Frozen Slide/Old Supply Slide with Hazy Maze Cave visuals. The Metal Cap Switch is hidden in this level.
Bowser's Tidal Tropics Bowser in the Fire Sea 5 50 This level is a beach-themed version of Bowser's Quicksand Pit. The key fight has the level mirrored from the original version and is filled with quicksand.
Void of the East The Secret Aquarium 1 50+ This level is a hard version of Tower of the East, and it only contains one star.
Bowser's Rainbow Realm Bowser in the Sky 7 120 This level is split into two sections in the same aspect as Ztar Zanctuary. It also has 8 red coins instead of 16 which are past the basement section.
Grandmaster's Goal End Cake Picture 3 50+ This level is split into two sections: Champion's Challenge with two hidden stars and the final secret bonus level unlockable at 154 stars.


Name Level(s) replaced Number of Stars available Stars required Notes
New Valley of the Toads Castle Courtyard 3 0 The stars come from a Toad nearby the entrance of Nature Nocturne. The other two are held by MIPS the Rabbit in the building near the starting point.
Master Temple Castle Interior 1 50+ Once you have collected 150 Stars, you can gain access to the secret area that is the original game's Castle Grounds.
Castle Grounds Castle Grounds 150 The star will be given by a Toad near the cannon. Yoshi will appear on the roof to give you 100 lives and the special triple jump.


Song Game Used in
Mechanical Bomberman II (NES) Demo Screen, Flamework Factory
Title Screen Yoshi's Story File Select
Main Title Paper Mario Valley of the Toads, Training Grounds
Castle Theme (Remix) Super Mario Bros. Master Temple
Main Theme Super Mario 64 Dice Domain
Stone Tower Temple The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Concrete Jungle
Goron City The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Wallowing Wells
Bayou Boogie Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Bogey Bayou
Aquatic Ambience Donkey Kong Country Stalactite Cave
Main Title Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Crumble Rumble Tower
Gobi's Valley Banjo-Kazooie Absolute Zeroasis
Love in the Air Yoshi's Story Nature Nocturne
Teehee Valley Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Quicksand Beach
Bubblegloop Swamp Banjo-Kazooie Polluted Pond
Inside the Church Cliff of Time (Wrath)
Dangerous Game Mario Party Cliff of Time (Pain), Underground Slide
Treasure Trove Cove Banjo-Kazooie Sea Salt Peaks
Sky Tower

Spinning Tower

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Super Castlevania IV

Veninium-Sphere (v1.74)

Veninium-Sphere (Deluxe Edition)

Tower of Riddles

Rotating Room

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Super Castlevania IV

Delombru-Sphere (v1.74)

Delombru-Sphere (Deluxe Edition)

Hoohoo Village Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Bowser's Park Party
Molgera The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Bowser's Park Party - Key Fight
Koopa Troopa Beach Mario Kart 64 Bowser's Tidal Tropics
Dogadon Battle Donkey Kong 64 Bowser's Tidal Tropics - Key Fight
X-Naut Fortress Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Bowser's Rainbow Realm
Miracle Matter Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Bowser Battle
Ice Forest Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Alpine Aerial
Windmill Hut The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Dusty Darkness
Wookie Hole Battletoads (NES) Lava Pit of Inversion
Inside the Ruins Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Barrakoopa's Race, Grandmaster's Goal (Champion's Challenge)
Statue Park GoldenEye 007 Void of the East
Let's Go! Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Boss Battle
Forest of Hope Pikmin Piranha Plant's Lullaby
Koopa's Road (Remix) Super Mario 64: Last Impact Grandmaster's Goal
Shooting Star Summit Paper Mario Grandmaster's Goal (Triarc-Bridge)
Powerful Mario Super Mario 64 Wing Cap, Vanish Cap, Shell Ride
Metallic Mario Metal Cap


  • The name Bogey Bayou is a reference to the music playing in the level "Bayou Boogie" in which the name is a play on words with "Bogey" and "Boogie". Also the way Alternate Entrance is used is a reference to the Other Entrance in Star Road.
  • The name Absolute Zeroasis is a reference to the word "Absolute Zero" as the level is a snowy desert with very cold temperature water hence the word "Oasis".
  • Stalactite Cave is Stalagmite Cave flipped upside down and is a water level compared to the usual fire cave level.
  • Void of the East is only the level Lugmillord did not make in Extreme Edition, its darker color and vibes are inspired to Remnant of Doom's Forgotten Lands.
  • Signs in the third overworld have quotes dedicated to speedrunners such as FramePerfection and CartoonBuffoon.
  • Both Veninium and Delombru are a mix of the two spheres as per the similar layout they're presenting, and the levels can be pretty confusing from the mirrored rotations.
  • The level and name Bowser's Rainbow Realm is a reference to Star Road's Rainbow Rumble by the fact visuals are from this hack and the music plays the same in the 3rd Bowser level.