Super Mario 74 EEEE or Super Mario 74 Extreme Empurpled Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious Edition, is a TT64 edit of SM74EE designed to make the game incredibly more difficult, similar to Kaizo Mario 64 except more loaded with memes and much, much, much harder. It was created by CartoonBuffoon.

As of May 17th, 2020, Pluto (PlutoTheThing on twitch) became the first person to complete the hack 100% savestateless. Before her, FramePerfection was the first to finish the intended star count (125+) savestateless, and LinCrash eventually followed after.

Lugmillord himself, the original creator of SM74EE, was not initially happy about this edit, however, it has since been explained to him that romhacks are not official content, Nintendo would say the same about SM74EE itself, and generally he has no reason to shut it down.

Tomatobird8 later went on to make SM74EEEEEE.

Levels Edit

Name of level Level replaced (from SM74EE) Number of Stars available Notes
Deadly Dice! Devil's Dice 7
Pleasure Virusvine Veranda 7
Deepred AF Deepred Depths 7
System of a Lazy Town System of a Downtown 7 The music in this area is replaced with "We Are Number One", one of two instances of replaced music in the hack.
Thicc Factory Drowned Factory 7
Hotty Hot Land Infernopit Cave 7
Melting Melting Icecrystal-Tower 7
Shoutouts to SimpleFlips Overgrown Oasis 7 Shoutouts to SimpleFlips.
Firedragon Fields Fireflower Fields 7
Bleeding Biotch Breezing Beach 7
Stupid Death at Agy's House Dried-Out Dead Desert 7 This stage also contains edited music, it is the same edit as "System of a Lazy Town" had.
Cliff of Pingas Pain Cliff of Pain 7
Kaze Takes Acid Peaks Acid Peaks 7
Venina Veneno-Sphere 7
Crudely Crudelo-Sphere 7
Bowser's Bootyful Backyard Bowser's Beautiful Backyard 4
Bowser's Pingas Pit Bowser's Quicksand Pit 7 (5 in B2 and 2 in B3)
Ztarded Zanctuary Ztar Zanctuary 6
edilS ylppuS dlO Old Supply Slide 4
Toxic Furnace Toxic Terrace 6
Devil's Armpit Devil's Pit 3
I WANNA SEE! HELLO! Dust Destination 7
Fuck That Lake Lake of the Lords 6
TriHard-Bridge Triarc-Bridge 7
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