Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition

Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition (SM74EE for short) is a ROM Hack made by Lugmillord. It's the sequel to Super Mario 74, and was released on Christmas of 2012. It contains 157 stars, and a majority of the levels from the original Super Mario 74 make a re-appearance. However, a lot of them have been mirrored and made extremely difficult, with alterations like underwater sections and even solid ground being replaced by excessive lava falls or bottomless pits.

For a few months, it was considered to be the hardest Super Mario 64 hack ever, until Star Revenge 2: Night of Doom came out in July 2013, just over half a year after this hack was released. It was then to be considered the second hardest SM64 hack in existence, just below Night of Doom, but since then most of the kaizo hack releases have surpased Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition's difficulty

There are also even harder joke versions of this hack called "SM74EEEE", "SM74EEEEEE", though they are not made by Lugmillord and only move objects around without changing any level model.

In January 2021, MarioCrash released a crossover of SM74 and SM74EE, called Super Mario 74: Ten Years After, which introduces new themes for the levels, as well as new missions. It was made as a celebration of SM74's 10th anniversary in 2021.


Mario has been sleeping for "an eternity", up until the game's beginning. He thinks he hasn't beaten Bowser all that long ago, but when he talks to the Toad in front of him at the start of the game, he reveals that Mario has been dreaming of saving Peach from Bowser by doing easy adventures, but now he has to face the real world, which is anything but nice. Princess Peach was kidnapped by Bowser years ago, and he used her magic powers to destroy the world, which resulted in an adventure that is anything but easy. There are now many more lava pits, lava falls, bottomless pits, and other hazards. Mario must now save Princess Peach and defeat Bowser by facing the truly challenging levels that await in this game.


Name of level Level(s) replaced Number of Stars available Stars required Notes
First Overworld Castle Courtyard 3 0 One of the stars comes from a Toad, and the other two come from MIPS, the rabbit. SM74 had 4 stars in the first overworld, but the fourth was moved to Toxic Terrace in SM74EE.
Devil's Dice Bob-omb Battlefield 7 There are 130 coins in this level.
Virusvine Veranda Whomp's Fortress There are 121 coins in this level.
Deepred Depths Jolly Roger Bay There are 130 coins in this level.
Toxic Terrace Cavern of the Metal Cap 6 This level had 5 stars in SM74, but a star was moved here from the first overworld in SM74EE.
Bowser's Beautiful Backyard Bowser in the Dark World 4 10 N/A
Lake of the Lords Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 6 10+ This level serves as the second overworld.
System of a Downtown Cool, Cool Mountain 7 There are 120 coins in this level.
Drowned Factory Big Boo's Haunt There are 103 coins in this level.
Dust Destination Vanish Cap Under the Moat 6 N/A
Old Supply Slide The Princess's Secret Slide 4
Infernopit Cave Hazy Maze Cave 7 30 There are 117 coins in this level.
Melting Icecrystal-Tower Lethal Lava Land There are 113 coins in this level.
Overgrown Oasis Shifting Sand Land 30+ There are 119 coins in this level.
Fireflower Fields Dire, Dire Docks There are 144 coins in this level.
Devil's Pit Tower of the Wing Cap 3 N/A
Bowser's Quicksand Pit Bowser in the Fire Sea 5 50 There are technically 7 stars in this level, as two of them are in the sections of Ztar Zanctuary that had to be moved to Bowser's Quicksand Pit.
Third Overworld Castle Interior 2 50+ Both stars are from Toads. One is behind the temple, and one is in a spike on top of the entrance to this section (which requires the Wing Cap).
Breezing Beach Snowman's Land 7 There are 112 coins in this level.
Dried-Out Dead Desert Wet-Dry World There are 106 coins in this level.
Cliff of Pain Tall, Tall Mountain There are 108 coins in this level, but one is believed to be impossible because it is behind a wall.
Acid Peaks Tiny-Huge Island 80 There are 113 coins in this level. Inside the smallest mountain, there is a pipe to the Castle Grounds, where SM74's first Mysterious Secret Object was.
Veneno-Sphere Tick Tock Clock 95 There are 179 coins in this level. This level also contains 14 Red Coins .
Crudelo-Sphere Rainbow Ride 110 There are 194 coins in this level. This level also contains 20 Red Coins.
Ztar Zanctuary Bowser in the Sky 6 120 There are 14 Red Coins in this level. All 14 are located after the last warp pipe, because you lose all your coin data when you go from Bowser's Quicksand Pit to Ztar Zanctuary, or vice versa. This level technically has only 4 stars, as two of them are located in the sections of the course that had to be moved to Bowser's Quicksand Pit.
Castle Grounds 0 80+ Yoshi is mentioned by one of the signs, but does not appear in this game. The pipe leading to this level can be found in Acid Peaks. Do NOT enter this place before getting 150 Stars, as you'll be stuck; the only way to escape is by losing all your lives and returning to the title screen.
Triarc-Bridge The Secret Aquarium 7 150 Enter the Castle Grounds with 150 stars, and the grille above the old cannon will disappear, allowing you to access the level.


Name of sequence Game(s) with this sequence Sequence replaced Used in
Flipside Super Paper Mario File Select File Select screen, First Overworld, Lake of the Lords
Bob-omb Battlefield Super Mario 64 Devil's Dice, Fireflower Fields
Stone Tower The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Title Theme Title Screen, Virusvine Veranda
Dire, Dire Docks Super Mario 64 Deepred Depths
Floro Sapien Caverns Super Paper Mario Cave Dungeon Toxic Terrace, Dust Destination, Infernopit Cave
Sunken Ship Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Merry-Go-Round Bowser's Beautiful Backyard, Bowser's Quicksand Pit
Haunted House Super Mario 64 System of a Downtown, Dried-Out Dead Desert
Gloomy Galleon Donkey Kong 64 Inside the Castle Walls Drowned Factory, Cliff of Pain
Snow Mountain Super Mario 64 Melting Icecrystal-Tower, Breezing Beach
Bubblegloop Swamp Banjo-Kazooie Lethal Lava Land Overgrown Oasis, Devil's Pit, Acid Peaks
Slider Super Mario 64 Old Supply Slide
Tower of Riddles Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Koopa's Road Veneno-Sphere
Ultimate Koopa Super Mario 64 Crudelo-Sphere
Black City Bomberman 64 Looping Steps Ztar Zanctuary
Yoshi's Story Yoshi's Story Lakitu Triarc-Bridge
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