Super Mario 76: Strange Adventure is a major hack made by NormalX71 and was released on February 11, 2019. It contains 140 stars and requires 120 to beat intended. The hack was criticized for its level design be bland and low-effort, and the hack itself tends to raise a lot of common red flags in romhacking.

There was an infamous harder version called Super Mario 76 Nightmare Edition

Courses Edit

Name of level Level(s) replaced Number of Stars available Notes N/5 difficulty (according to NormalX71)
Hill of Stones Bob-omb Battlefield 7 2 Easy
Rocklava Updown Whomp's Fortress 7 4 Normal
Sandcube Desert Jolly Roger Bay 7 4 Normal
Colorful Cubes Cool, Cool Mountain 7 6 Medium
Towers in Lava Big Boo's Haunt 7 7 Medium
Big Boo Valley Hazy Maze Cave 7 5 Normal
Whomp Iceland Lethal Lava Land 7 5 Normal
Purple Lava Factory Ruins Shifting Sand Land 7 6 Medium
Acid Hill Dire, Dire Docks 7 Similar to Course 1, but with quicksand 6 Medium
Sky Metal Water Land Snowman's Land 7 4 Normal
Ghost Town Wet-Dry World 7 4 Normal
Lost Green Dark World Tall, Tall Mountain 7 4 Normal
Toxic Sphere Tiny-Huge Island 7 8 Hard
Lava Ruins Tick Tock Clock 7 7 Medium
Blacksky Rainbow Ride 7 Contains 30 red coins. 10 Hard
Sunken Swamp Bowser in the Dark World 6 NormalX71 has not given ratings for non-main courses.
Bowser's Death Desert Bowser in the Fire Sea 6
Bowser World Bowser in the Sky 0
Bubbly Tree Land The Secret Aquarium 6
Hybrid Castle World The Princess's Secret Slide 6
Wing Cap & Vanish Cap World Tower of the Wing Cap 6
Lost Maze World Cavern of the Metal Cap 2
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