Super Mario Fallen Stars
Super Mario Fallen Stars Title Screen
Creator Skillux
Number of Stars 24
Created 2013
Level Information
Number of Levels 3
Number of Secret Levels 2
Download Link

Super Mario Fallen Stars is a demo made by Skillux which was never completed. The game features four colorful levels and 45 stars.

All three Cap Switches are sitting out in the open in the overworld. The Toad in the overworld refers to Bowser's Ice Mountain as "Bowser's Lair" but Bowser does not make an appearance in this game.

Levels Edit

Name Stars Stars Required Notes
Bob-omb Harbor 7 0
Skydice Garden 7 0
Moon Night Bay 7 0
Bowser's Ice Mountain 2 15 This level is intended to be a "Bowser stage", but is missing a final boss
Island of Nowhere 1 15 The pipe at the end of Bowser's Ice Mountain takes Mario here. The only thing is this level is a star on an island in the sky.
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