Super Mario Grand Star
Creator MarioGame2222
Number of Stars 43
Created April 2012
Level Information
Number of Levels 4
Number of Secret Levels 4
Download Link

Super Mario Grand Star is a demo rom-hack made by MarioGame2222, which was never finished. It is set in the first floor of the castle from Super Mario 64, with the exits to upstairs, basement and outside the castle removed. There is a sign at the start which says there are five main levels in the hack, but the pipe which is supposed to lead to the third world is missing.

This hack is most known for having a really strange long jump animation, which is essentially a backflip while moving forward. This animation prevents Mario from ledge-grabbing at the end of a long jump, chaining long jumps, or long jumping backwards, as the second jump will be a regular backflip.

Levels Edit

Name Stars Stars Required Notes
Bob-omb City 7 0
Secret Whomp Woods 7 1
Mega Retro Zone 3 1 Replaces the Secret Slide
Metal Factory 7 3
Grand Grand Landscapes 7 3
Castle of the Vanish Cap 4 3 Vanish Cap Stage, replaces the Aquarium
Cumbus Station 3 10 Wing Cap Stage
Bowser's Geometry Base 5 0
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