Super Mario New Star is a ROM Hack made by Midoji (Also known as Sanji02). It was released on February 2014 and contains 140 stars. This hack introduces many new well made levels, new level themes and unique levels including a Giant Bedroom, a Cube City, and much more.

Plot Edit

At the very beginning a toad is informs you that Peach has been captured by Bowser...again. Mario, just as always, has to get enough stars to reach Bowser and defeat him. This time around, Mario needs to get through Bowser's Airship Armada, only to discover that he also has a Space Fleet. After defeating him at both of the bases, he retreats to his Star Factory, where the final battle ensues.

Locations Edit

Castle Grounds Edit

Mario starts his adventure in front of an unnamed tower which Bowser hid Princess Peach in, as she is kidnapped throughout the game. The castle is located in a grassy ditch surrounded very closely by high tan walls. Surrounding the castle are a couple of outcoves within the rock which contains the first set of courses that Mario can enter. There are also a couple of Toads When Mario has enough stars, Mario can make his way behind the tower where Bowser is located. The door to the interior is locked until you get past Bowser 1. When Mario defeats Bowser for the third and final time, he gets warped to the top of the tower where two toads congratulate him on his journey.

Courses Edit



Replaced Stars Required Painting Picture Coins
Main Cubic Island Bob-omb Battlefield 7 0
Secret Rondo Town Tower of the Wing Cap 2 Cubic Island
Main Fourway Forest Whomp's Fortress 7 0
Main Strange Valley Jolly Roger Bay 7 0
Secret Golden World Cavern of the Metal Cap 2 Strange Valley
Main Mario's Kingdom Cool, Cool Mountain 7 8
Main Green Hill Zone Big Boo's Haunt 7 4
Secret Toad Star 1 Beaten Bowser 3
Bowser Bowser's Airship Armada Bowser in the Dark World 2 15


T'ower Interior' Edit

Once Mario defeats Bowser in his Airship Fleet, he gains the key to enter the tower. The interior consists on a very spacious central room, with a black and white checkered floor and a giant star statue in the middle (which can be read). Branching out from the center are courses or doors which lead to rooms that contain more courses. On the opposite side of the entrance is a small staircase which requires the key from Bowser 2 to enter it.

Courses Edit

Type Name Replaced Stars Required Picture Coins
Main Boo's Cemetery Hazy Maze Cave 7 Bowser 1 Key
Main Darklight Cave Lethal Lava Land 7 Bowser 1 Key
Secret Hidden Basement Vanish Cap 2 Darklight Cavern
Main Pozo's Tower Shifting Sand Land 7 20
Main Village of Plants Dire, Dire Docks 7 24
Main Nocturnal Winter Snowman's Land 7 28
Secret Rainbow Road Peach's Secret Slide 2 Bowser 1 Key
Secret Molten Lava Secret Secret Aquarium 7 20
Secret Toad Star 1 28 and Vanish
Bowser Bowser's Space Fleet Bowser in the Fire Sea 2 30


Locked Room Edit

Once Mario obtains the key from Bowser for the second time, he can enter a locked room located on top of the stairs. This wooden room is very small, barely having enough space to contain the final levels located there.

Courses Edit

Type Name Replaced Stars Required Picture Coins
Main Aqua-Bubble Wet-Dry World 7 Bowser 2 Key
Main Fire Crater Tall, Tall Mountain 7 Bowser 2 Key
Main Giant Bedroom Tiny-Huge Island 7 Bowser 2 Key
Main Lethal Ice Land Tick-Tock Clock 7 Bowser 2 Key
Main Toxic Factory Rainbow Ride 7 50
Secret Toad Star 1 Bowser 2 Key
Bowser Bowser's Star Factory Wing Mario over the Rainbow and Bowser in the Sky 3 (part 1)

2 (part 2)


Music Edit

Name of Sequence Game(s) with sequence Used in
Overworld Super Mario 3D Land Cubic Island
Forest Maze Super Mario RPG Fourway Forest
Teehee Valley Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Strange Valley
Underworld Kid Icarus Mario's Kingdom
Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone
Horror Land Mario Party 2 Boo's Cemetary
Water Caverns Goldeneye 007 Darklight Cave
Booster Tower Super Mario RPG Pozo's Tower
Koopa Troopa Beach Mario Kart 64 Village of Plants
Chicago Perfect Dark Nocturnal Winter
Dire Dire Docks Super Mario 64 Aqua Bubble
Lava Lagoon Donkey Kong Country 2 Fire Crater
Puzzle Plank Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 Giant Bedroom
Freezeflame Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Lethal Ice Land
Fear Factory Donkey Kong Country Toxic Factory
Title Screen New Super Mario Bros File Select Screen
Overworld Map Super Mario Land 2 Star Select Screen
Peach's Birthday Cake Mario Party Castle Interior
Game Point Mario Tennis Boss Battle
Attack! Bowser's Fleet Super Mario Galaxy Bowser's Airship Armada
Eternal Star Mario Party Bowser's Space Fleet
Shiver Star Factory Kirby 64 Bowser's Star Factory 1
Volcano Valley Act 1 Sonic 3D Blast Bowser's Star Factory 2
Main Theme Skyrim Bowser Fight
Devil's Forest F-Zero X Final Bowser Fight
Rainbow Road Super Mario Kart Rainbow Road
Melty Molten Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Molten Lavas Secret
Main Title Banjo Kazooie Koopa Race
Castle Lololo Kirby's Dreamland Hidden Basement
Mario's Rainbow Castle Mario Party Rondo Town
Lava Reef Sonic & Knuckles Golden World
Metal Battle Super Smash Bros. Melee Metal Cap Theme
Flying Mario Super Mario Galaxy Wing Cap/Vanish Cap Theme
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