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Super Mario Star Road: The Green Comet is a hack made by biobak. It was released in January 2021, and is based on Super Mario Star Road. It follows Super Mario Galaxy 2's concept of Green Stars, which are placed in tricky locations in already existing levels.

The hack contains 150 Stars, of which 15 can only be accessed after the other 135 have been collected. They replace Star Road's golden stars, are placed in different locations, and are often harder to reach. Enemies and bosses have been removed from levels, and there are a lot more NPCs than in the base game. These NPCs give tips to the player or contribute to the game's lore.

All of the game's levels can be accessed right from the start, as doors no longer require Stars or keys.

When 135 Stars have been collected, green coins will appear in every main course, allowing access to the final 15 stars and the true ending of the game.

The game has no life counter, since the player has infinite lives. 1-UP mushrooms are replaced by Comet Medals, which are not required and do nothing but offer an optional challenge to the players who wish to test their skills in platforming, knowledge of the game or observation.

The hack was translated and localized to French by the creator.


After Mario defeated Bowser in the battle that concluded the events of Super Mario: Star Road, peace returned to the Mushroom Kingdom, and all of Bowser's troops were cast away using the power of the stars. The Star Spirits agreed to express their gratitude towards Mario for saving their kingdom by sending a Green Comet to fly over the Star Leap Tower. The comet has dropped green stars all over the different worlds, and Mario must now go back and explore the locations of Star Road again to beat a variety of new challenges.


The levels all have the same geometry as in Super Mario: Star Road, but differ in the placement of objects, stars, coins and NPCs. Some textures have also been altered to fit the theme of the game. The name of some levels has also changed, to reflect their new peaceful nature.

Each main course contains 7 stars.

Name Green Comet Medals Image
Bob-omb Islands 2
Sky Land Resort 1
Midnight Pond 1
Chuckya Harbor 1
Gloomy Garden 1
Colorful Coral Caverns 2
Koopa Canyon 0
Large Leaf Forest 1
Mad Musical Mess 1
Melting Snow Peaks 1
Colossal Candy Clutter 2
Cloudrail Station 2
Fatal Flame Falls 2
Bob-omb Battle Factory 2
Starlight Runway 4

Secret Levels

Unlike the original game, all secret levels contain the same number of stars. Normal secret levels contain 5, and cap levels contain 3.

Cap Switches are enabled by default, and are not present in the cap levels. When entering a cap level, Mario does not get the associated cap effect.

Name Stars Green Comet Medals Image
Mushroom Mountain Town 5 1
Creepy Cave 3 0
Abandoned Factory 3 1
VC SR.png
Sandy Slide Secret 5 5
SSS SR.png
Windy Docks 3 1
Hidden Palace Finale 5 2


The Overworld contains 6 stars across the exterior and interior of the Star Leap Tower as well as the cloud section of the hub.

Mario does not take fall damage in the overworld.

Name Stars Green Comet Medals Image
Star Leap Tower (Exterior) 3 2
Star Leap Tower (Lobby) 0 2
Flowpipe Sewers 1 4
FS SR.png
Star Leap Tower

(Upper Floor)

1 1
Star Road 1 2

Bowser Levels

Each Bowser level contains 5 stars, spread across the course itself and the boss arena.

Name Stars Green Comet Medals Image
Slippery Swamp 5 2
Retro Remix Castle 5 2
Rainbow Rumble 5 2


  • All green stars emit a sparkly sound when approached by the player, with the exception of Star 4 in Colorful Coral Caverns.
  • Since the player has infinite lives, the 0 Life Area cannot be accessed.
  • The 1-UP pillars, which used to reward the player for walking on all four of them, are now used to indicate where blue coins will appear.
  • Despite being enabled by default, the Wing Cap and Metal Cap are not available anywhere in the game.
  • Due to a glitch in the true ending screen, the player can actually die and respawn in the normally inaccessible ending area, and collect a 151st star. However, the camera will be fixed in place and the ending text will still be displayed.
  • In Starlight Runway, the door to the machinery rooms is blocked by a metal box, making them inaccessible.