Super Mario Star World is an upcoming Super Mario 64 DS ROM hack. As a remake of Super Mario Star Road, it is being developed by SKELUX and is being developed for the Nintendo DS rather than for the Nintendo 64. In addition to the improved graphics supported by the Nintendo DS, Super Mario Star World will have much more content than Super Mario Star Road. Super Mario Star World is currently under development, but it can be found here.

Development on Super Mario Star World has gone on for more than 8 years while Super Mario Star Road was finished in 4.

Super Mario Star World features the Anti-Cheating System, where the game won't allow any cheat to be used. The main reason for this was to prevent people from using it to find big secrets and stealing game codes without permission.

SKELUX has optimized Super Mario Star World quite a bit, making it playable on a Nintendo DS without noticeable lag. His goal is to push the Nintendo DS to its limits.

Luigi is a playable character in Super Mario Star World, but he isn't available from the start of the game, as one of the Signposts of Future Predictions from Mario's Holiday read the following: "Luigi....Oh no, he is trapped somewhere!" However, his location is unknown, but in the preview of the level Frosty Fair from Christmas 2014, the player is seen collecting a Luigi key after defeating Chilly Chomp, a new boss in the game.

Costumes for Mario to change into will also be present in Super Mario Star World, as one of the Signposts of Future Predictions from Mario's Holiday read the following: "Costumes....Mario learns some fashion sense!" However, it is unknown if costumes can be found and/or purchased, if they will do anything special, and/or if Luigi can wear them, too.

New features present in Super Mario Star World include rolling from Super Mario Odyssey, which replaces slide-kicking, underwater ground-pounds, and new modes, such as Introduction Mode, Classic Mode, and Time Attack Mode, with Introduction Mode being the introduction to the course with backgrounds, models, weather, and Power Stars being changed, Classic Mode being a Super Mario Odyssey-like collect-a-thon without filler Power Stars or ones that take you out of the level, and Time Attack Mode being the replacement of the 100 Coin Power Stars.

As for planned features, SKELUX has started work on the new 16th course, which will be city themed, by composing a 4 minute song that matches its theme. This was actually hinted at in Mario's Holiday, as one of the Signposts of Future Predicitons read the following: "A 16th stage....A large new world will be visited?"

Super Mario Star World will be one course more than any standard Super Mario 64 game or hack, including the ones made for the Nintendo DS. SKELUX aims to make this the largest Super Mario title of all-time with more Power Stars than any other Mario game, including Super Mario Odyssey's 880 story-based Power Moons, making it at least 5-10 times larger than Super Mario Star Road. This was also hinted at in Mario's Holiday, as one of the Signposts of Future Predictions read the following: "So many Power Stars....More than Mario has ever collected?" SKELUX will also be replacing all vanilla content with new features, such as restyling Blue Coin Switches to look like P-Switches, replacing Switch Power Stars with purple !-Switches that spawn platforms and Power Stars, making Red Coins act totally different, and changing almost every enemy to be Super Mario 64 or Paper Mario styled.

Super Mario Star World is broken up into two arcs with the first being the story taken from Super Mario Star Road and the second from the canceled game Super Mario Star Road 2, which SKELUX was making before incorporating its story arc into Super Mario Star World. The second arc has been announced since the early summer of 2018, but has been in the plan for more than a year earlier. It is currently unknown how many courses will be in the second arc.

The second arc's and the game's overall final boss, SKELUX's avatar, a Chomp, is said to be quite literally the largest boss ever in any Mario game, also having the ability to teleport. It might be the threat that was hinted at in Mario's Holiday, as one of the Signposts of Future Predictions read the following: "A new threat....The entire world, could it be in danger?" This might also mean that more than the Mushroom Kingdom will be affected in the game. The second arc will have two endings instead of one. Neither of them will be good, but, rather, one will be bad and the other will be sad, but less bad.

The Switches shall be returning, although they won't be Cap Switches. The Red Switch turns all the Red !-Blocks solid, and when they are hit, they produce Wing Feathers. The Green Switch turns all the Green !-Blocks solid, and when they are hit, they produce Rainbow Stars. The Blue Switch turns all the Blue !-Blocks solid, and when they are hit, they produce Vanish Mushrooms. SKELUX stated that there will also be a new Yellow Switch. However, it is currently unknown what the Yellow !-Blocks will produce. It is also currently unknown where all the Switch Palaces will be in relation to the Hubs, assuming that all their locations have changed.

There's also an Item Shop found later in the game, where players can spend their coins and lives in exchange for items. Additionally, coins and lives are also saved, and maximize at 9,999 and 99 respectively. It is currently unknown where the Item Shop will be and what items will be up for sale.

There is a chance that someone special will be appearing in Super Mario Star World, though it is unknown who. One of the Signposts of Future Predictions from Mario's Holiday read the following: "Someone else....They look a bit like Mario, or Luigi....Who could it be?"

Previews Edit

Previews can be found here.

Art Gallery Edit

You can find the complete art gallery here.

Controls Test Edit

The game's controls test can be downloaded here.

Development Archives Edit

See the project's development archives here.

New Songs Edit

You can find all known new songs on SKELUX's Discord server.

Mario's Holiday Edit

The demo/prequel for Super Mario Star World is called Mario's Holiday, which has a hub area called the Sky Land Resort V.I.P. Area, two courses called Frosty Fair and Bob-omb Cruiser, and one secret course called Starry Grasslands. Mario's Holiday has 26 Power Stars. However, there may be more as SKELUX hinted at the possibility of more being hidden.

New and Improved Power-UpsEdit


Double Cherry Edit

The Double Cherry will be making a reappearance from Super Mario 3D World. They'll create a clone of the player and they behave similarly to those from said game. The way of obtaining the Double Cherry is currently unknown. However, one of the In-Course Areas, the Clone Chamber, which is located in Starlight Runway, features a cloning mechanic that is very similar to the mechanics of the Double Cherry. A preview of the Clone Chamber on YouTube shows Mario creating a clone of himself by hitting a light blue ?-Block, but doesn't show him grabbing a Double Cherry.

Rainbow Star Edit

Once again, another classic power-up shall be returning. It is the Rainbow Star from the Super Mario Galaxy Series, which will be replacing the Metal Cap from Super Mario 64. It'll have the standard invincibility and speed boost, but now gives you the ability to walk on water that Luigi had in Super Mario 64 DS. Rainbow Stars will be obtained from Green !-Blocks, which will become solid after the Green Switch is pressed.

Vanish Mushroom Edit

The new Vanish Mushroom turns you transparent, which will be replacing the Vanish Cap from Super Mario 64 but with the same abilities, such as passing through certain walls. Vanish Mushrooms will be obtained from Blue !-Blocks, which will become solid after the Blue Switch is pressed. However, SKELUX also stated that he designed it with eyes because it is a different power-up than the Boo Mushroom from the Super Mario Galaxy Series.

Yoshi Edit

There will be modified rideable Yoshis in the game, which will be replacing his playable role. Different colors of Yoshi will be in the game and will be found in colored eggs. The way to obtain the various Yoshi eggs is currently unknown. Each various color Yoshi will have unique abilites, similar to those from Super Mario World.

Mega Mushroom Edit

The Mega Mushroom from the New Super Mario Bros. Series will make a reappearance, which will be replacing the Super Mushroom from Super Mario 64 DS, and will work like in the games mentioned. The way of obtaining Mega Mushrooms is currently unknown.

Wing Feather Edit

The Wing Feather from Super Mario 64 DS will also return, behaving the same as in the original game. Wing Feathers will be obtained from Red !-Blocks, which will become solid after the Red Switch is pressed.

Gold Flower Edit

The Gold Flower from New Super Mario Bros. 2 may be making a reappearance, but it is highly unlikely now that SKELUX has introduced underwater ground-pounds.

Playable Characters Edit

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Wario


Main CoursesEdit


Finished Power Stars Gameplay Map
Bob-omb Island Yes 8-16
Sky Land Resort Yes 8-16
Piranha Plant Pond ? 8-16
Screenshot 2019-04-01 So What About Super Mario Star World (3)
Chuckya Harbor ? 8-16
Gloomy Garden ? 8-16
Screenshot 2019-04-01 So What About Super Mario Star World (4)
Colorful Coral Caverns ? 8-16
Koopa Canyon ? 8-16
Koopa Canyon
Koopa Canyon tough screen
Large Leaf Forest ? 8-16
Mad Musical Mess ? 8-16
Musical mess
Musical tough screen
Melting Snow Peaks ? 8-16
Melting Snow Peaks
Msp map
Colossal Candy Clutter ? 8-16
Screenshot 2019-04-01 So What About Super Mario Star World (2)
Ccc map
Cloudrail Station ? 8-16
Station tough screen
Fatal Flame Falls ? 8-16
Fatal Flame Falls
Bob-omb Battle Factory ? 8-16
Starlight Runway ? 8-16
Ext starlight
City Level ? 8-16
TBA Creepy Level ? 8-16

Secret CoursesEdit

Name Finished Power Stars Gameplay Map
Mushroom Mountain Town Yes 2
Mmt tough screen
Sandy Slide Secret Yes 2
Screenshot 2019-04-01 So What About Super Mario Star World
Sky Fortress Yes 2
TBA new level
Secret Woods Yes 2
Creepy Coast Cave Yes 1 + Mario's Cap
Puzzling Passage Yes 1
Frosty Fair Yes 2
Frosty fair
Frosty fair tough screen
Windy Waterway Yes 2
Wing cap level
Wing cap level tough screen
Bowser's Slippery Swamp Yes 2
Retro Remix Castle Yes 2
Bowser's Rainbow Rumble Yes 1
Hidden Palace Finale No 1
Cloudtop Citadel Yes 2
Sound Step Seas Yes 2
Autumn Airway Yes 2
Breezy Boardwalk Yes 2

In-Course AreasEdit

Name Inside of Finished Gameplay Map
Bowser's Forest Maze Piranha Plant Pond Yes
Mushroom Cave Large Leaf Forest Yes
Tuxie's Slide Colossal Candy Clutter Yes
Ccc sub area
Clone Chamber Starlight Runway Yes
Int starlight
Chilly Chomp Arena Frosty Fair Yes
Chilly Chomp Level
Chilly Chomp Level tough screen
Piranha Plant Boss Arena Bowser's Slippery Swamp Yes
Blueberry Bully Arena Retro Remix Castle Yes
Retro Remix Castle
Final Boss Arena Bowser's Rainbow Rumble Yes
Bowser 3 Arena

Miscellaneous Edit

Name Finished Power Stars Gameplay Map
Lifeless Forest Yes 0
Death world

Hubs Edit

Name Finished Power Stars Gameplay Map
Star Leap Tower Grounds Yes 2
Star Leap Tower Interior Yes 0
Flowpipe Sewers No 1
Star Leap Tower First Floor ? ?
Star Road Yes 1
Ending Area No 1
Mario's House Yes ?
Screenshot 2019-04-01 So What About Super Mario Star World (1)



SKELUX has stated that he has considered planning and adding in 10 new and modified unlockable minigames playable through arcade machines. These will have themes based on the courses that they are unlocked in, such as the Chucking Competition from Chuckya Harbor.

Graphics Streamlining Edit


SKELUX has implemented a feature into the game called Graphics Streamlining, which enables maximum quality backgrounds and textures for emulator and PC users and the highest possible quality textures, even next-generation ones, for hardware users.

General Unknown ThingsEdit

  • Complete Soundtrack
  • Easter Eggs
  • Hidden Areas
  • Exact Release Date
  • Length of the Game
  • All of the New Courses
  • Exact Amount of Total Power Stars

Unconfirmed Theories Edit

  • Mario's Cap might not be available from the start of the game, as seen in multiple screenshots and YouTube previews. It might have to be recollected in Creepy Coast Cave, as shown in its gameplay picture, which would make sense as something will have to replace the purpose of said area due to the Metal Cap and Metal Cap Switch not being in the game.
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