Super Mario The Galactic Journey
Super Mario The Galactic Journey
Creator Fares242
Number of Stars 102
Created 2016
Level Information
Number of Levels 15
Number of Secret Levels 6
Download Link

Super Mario The Galactic Journey is a rom hack made by Fares242.

Like the Super Mario Galaxy games, this hack has no 100 coin stars nor fall damage.


Bowser steals the Galactic Star for his desire for an Inter-galactic Empire. Can Mario save the galaxy... again?

Levels Edit

Level Stars Stars Required
Green Field Meadows 6 0
Aqua Chamber 6 0
Asteroid Base 6 0
Snow-Burn Land 6 12
The Lost Galaxy 6 12
Sky Temple Lands 6 22
The Ancient Kingdom 6 22
Ghostly Castle Fields 6 22
The Space Caves 6 42
Twin Mountains 6 42
Molten Lava Barrier 6 42
Mystic Temple Bay 6 42
Death Mountain Fields 6 50
Galactic Space Base 6 55
Star Glitter Sky-Isles 6 65

Secret LevelsEdit

Name Replaced Stars Required Stars Image Notes
Water Temple The Princess's Secret Slide 2 22 It's a throwback of Planet Stardust's Rampage.
Flip-Switch Fortress Cavern of the Metal Cap 1 22 Accessible through Course 8's base cannon after the first star. Also, it contains all 3 Cap Switches, as it kind of does not include secret cap levels.
The Aquatic Castle Bowser in the Dark World 1 10 Accessible through Course 2 and requires 10 stars. The Key to the second overworld lies there.
Boiling Lava Towers Bowser in the Fire Sea 1 42 Accessible through Course 11. Also, despite being a Bowser level, this level does not have a boss fight.
The Galactic Altar Bowser in the Sky 2 85 Accessible after beating King Starstone.

Music Edit

Used in

Song sequence

File Select

Galactic Altar

Super Mario Galaxy - Starbit Festival
Star Select Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Starship Mario
First Overworld Super Mario Galaxy - Comet Observatory
Second Overworld Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - Behind Yoshi Village
Third Overworld Super Mario Galaxy - Tension
Green Field Meadows Super Mario Galaxy - Good Egg Galaxy
Aqua Chamber Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks (Reprisal Remix)
The Aquatic Castle The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Water Temple
Asteroid Base Super Mario Galaxy - Buoy Base Galaxy
Snow-Burn Land Super Mario Galaxy - Freezeflame Galaxy (Ice)
The Lost Galaxy Final Fantasy IV - Land of Summons
Sky Temple Lands Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Galaxy
The Ancient Kingdom Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Rogueport
Ghostly Castle Fields Super Mario Galaxy - Ghostly Galaxy
Flip-Switch Fortress Super Mario RPG - From Inside the Earthen Pipe
Water Temple

Mystic Temple Bay

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Fishing Hole
The Space Caves Donkey Kong 64 - Gloomy Galleon
Twin Mountains Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - Thwomp Volcano
Molten Lava Barrier Super Mario Galaxy - Melty Molten Galaxy
Boiling Lava Towers Super Mario Bros. - Castle (Remix)
Death Mountain Fields Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga - Hoohoo Mountain
Galactic Space Base Super Mario Galaxy - Battlerock Galaxy
Star Glitter Sky-Isles Super Mario Galaxy - Space Junk Galaxy
Secret Rainbow Road Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road
King Starstone's Galactic Showdown Super Mario Galaxy - Bowser's Galaxy Reactor
Boss Fight Super Mario Galaxy - Bouldergeist
Master Snufit Battle Luigi's Mansion - Talking to Ghosts
Wing Cap

Koopa Shell Ride

Super Mario Galaxy - Purple Comet
Vanish Cap Donkey Kong 64 - Mini Monkey
Metal Cap Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - Boss Battle
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