Super Mario Treasure World is a ROM hack made by Rambi_Rampage. It was widely believed to be the hardest hack that has ever been completed without the use of savestates. However, SM64 Lost Universe: Curse Of Kappowser has recently taken that title.

It is the first hack to have the maximum number of Stars at the time (182 Stars with 7 in every possible level (without ASM modifications)).

On July 15, 2019, a sequel to this hack was released called "Super Mario Treasure World: Dream Edition".

Levels Edit

Name of Level Level replaced Required Stars Number of Stars available Notes Screenshots
Overworlds Castle Courtyard, Castle Grounds, Inside Castle 0 7
Glass Land Park Bob-Omb Battlefield 0 7 There are 157 coins in this level.
Sky High Castle Whomp's Fortress 2 7 There are 232 coins in this level.
Volcanic Brook Jolly Roger Bay 8 7 There are 238 coins in this level.
After the Snow Cool, Cool Mountain 11 7 Remake version of

After The Rain from "TsucnenT's Boss Battle TesT". There are 189 coins in this level.

Sleepless Night Big Boo's Haunt 15 7 Remake version of

Corrupted Chamber from "TsucnenT's Treasures". There are 259 coins in this level.

Stopped Clock Hazy Maze Cave 25 7 Remake version of Floating Watch from "TsucnenT's Treasures". There are 188 coins in this level.
Bubbly Bubbly Laundry Lethal Lava Land 35 7 There are 171 coins in this level.
Toasted Coast Shifting Sand Land 40 7 There are 242 coins in this level.
Spruce Stem Dire, Dire Docks 50 7 Remake version of Trouble Tumble from "TsucnenT's Treasures 2" . There are 238 coins in this level.
Bustling Darkness Snowman's Land 60 7 There are 274 coins in this level.
Crumb Climb Wet-Dry World 65 7 There are 178 coins in this level.
Bridge Trudge Tall, Tall Mountain 80 7 There are 208 coins in this level.
Bramble Castle Tiny-Huge Island 85 7 Remake version of Bramble Ramble from "TsucnenT's Treasures 2". There are 227 coins in this level.
Permanent Firmament Tick Tock Clock 95 7 There are 174 coins in this level.
Bowser's Land of Fantasy Rainbow Ride 105 7 Remake version of Bowser's Fantastic Promenade from "TsucnenT's Treasures 2". There are 193 coins in this level.

Bowser's Eccentric Promenade

Bowser in the Dark World 25 7 There are 248 coins in this level.
Bowser's Youthdays Promenade Bowser in the Fire Sea 65 7 There are 163 coins in this level.
Bowser's Final Promenade Bowser in the Sky 115 7 There are 184 coins in this level.
Autumn Memories Tower of the Wing Cap 2 7 Remake version of the overworld from "TsucnenT's Treasures 2". There are 195 coins in this level.
Neo Memories Cavern of the Metal Cap 25 7 Remake version of the overworld from "TsucnenT's Boss Battle TesT". There are 174 coins in this level.
Beginner's Memories Vanish Cap Under the Moat 40 7 Remake version of the overworld from "TsucnenT's Treasures". There are 240 coins in this level.
Wall Wall Mountain Princess Peach's Secret Slide 65 7 There are 181 coins in this level.
Lumps Jumps The Secret Aquarium 15 7 There are 123 coins in this level.
The Finale End Cake Picture 120 7 After v1.2 only. There are about 200 coins in this level.
TsucnenT's Dream Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 125 7 One of the hardest levels in a hack which has been beaten.

Music Edit

Track name Origins Used in
Arsenal Kantai Collection Overworld 1
Route 26/27 Pokémon Gold & Silver Overworld 2
Boneka League Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Overworld 3
THE SAFARI Beatmania IIDX - 3rd style Glass Land Park
Remix 4 Rhythm Heaven Sky High Castle
Donkey Kong Court Theme Mario Tennis Volcanic Brook
Paradise ~ Deep Mountain Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom After the Snow
Cirno's Perfect Math Class IOSYS Specific part of After the Snow
Romantic Children Touhou 5: Mystic Square Sleepless Night
Will We Fight? Power Pro-Kun Pocket 10 Stopped Clock
World 7 - Bubbly Washing Machine Super Monkey Ball 2 Bubbly Bubbly Laundry
Cotton Island Plok! Toasted Coast
Treetop Rock Donkey Kong Country 2 Spruce Stem
Leaf Ponders the Flower, Flower Ponders the Leaf (Fanmade) Touhou 11: Subterranean Hatred Bustling Darkness
Star Land Kuru Kuru Kururin Crumb Climb
Medieval Mayhem ~ Wabi Sabi Wall / Recent Past ~ The Great Wall Ape Escape Bridge Trudge
Bramble Blast Super Smash Bros. Brawl Bramble Castle
Peach Dome Court Exhibition Theme Mario Power Tennis Permanent Firmament
Battle! Yukari (Necrofantasia) Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Bowser's Land of Fantasy
PARANOiA Dance Dance Revolution Bowser's Eccentric Promenade
Golem Fight Power Pro-Kun Pocket 5 Bowser's Youthdays Promenade
Specter Land ~ Welcome Ape Escape Bowser's Final Promenade
The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith Auturm Memories
Tragedy Flame Raiden II Neo Memories
Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu Baby, Please Kill Me (anime series) Beginner's Memories
Relations The IDOLM@STER 2 Wall Wall Mountain
Katamari Nah-Nah Katamari Damacy Lump Jumps
Neo Land Kururin Paradise TsucnenT's Dream
20,november (single mix) Beatmania The Finale
Bicycle Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Wing Cap, Vanish Cap, Shell Ride
Rambi's Theme Donkey Kong 64 Metal Cap
Winter Power Pro-Kun Pocket 3 File Select
Match Theme at Shiawase Island Power Pro-Kun Pocket 6 Koopa Race
Ravine ESPGaluda Boss Battle
Hina Kagiyama's Theme - Dark Side of Fate (Arrangement Remix) Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith Bowser Fight
Cool, Cool Mountain (DK64 Boss Remix) Super Mario 64 Final Boss
Previously on Love Live! Love Live! Act Select
Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea Touhou 6: the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Star Catch Jingle
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