Super Mario Treasure World: Dream Edition is the sequel to Super Mario Treasure World, both made by Rambi_Rampage. This hack is most likely the hardest hack designed for humans, utterly transcending TsucnenT's Dream from the first Treasure World in many levels.

Levels Edit

Main Courses (1st Run) Edit

The first part of this game is supposed to be easier than Treasure World. However, some parts of it may be harder.

Name of level Level(s) replaced Notes
Eternal Dream Entrance Bob-omb Battlefield
Scrambled Scamper Whomp's Fortress
Whomp's Vengeance Jolly Roger Bay
Winter Melting Land Cool, Cool Mountain A bigger remaster of Glass Land Park in Treasure World.
Sky Stairway Steps Big Boo's Haunt A remaster of Bridge Trudge from the first Treasure World game.
Plaguing Planets Hazy Maze Cave A remaster of Lump Jumps from the first Treasure World game.
Lost Memories Lethal Lava Land Level parts from the 3 TsucnenT's Treasures games merged into one.

Side Courses (1st Run) Edit

Name of level Level(s) replaced Notes
Bowser's Solemn Ruin Bowser in the Dark World A remaster/mashup of the first 2 Bowser levels from the first Treasure World.
Bowser's Dreamy Promenade Bowser in the Sky A remaster from the third Bowser level in Treasure World.
Madnight Memories Cavern of the Metal Cap One star can only be accessed through 2nd Run. Also a remaster from the 3rd overworld in Treasure World.
Canyon Memories Tower of the Wing Cap One star can only be accessed through 2nd Run. Also a remaster from the 2nd overworld in Treasure World.
Departure Memories Vanish Cap Under the Moat A remaster from the 1st overworld in Treasure World.
Locked Dream The Princess's Secret Slide
Rambi's Revarie End Cake Picture Widely believed to be harder than TsucnenT's Dream. It was intended to be the last level in Treasure World, according to Rambi's sign at the beginning of the level.

Main Courses (2nd Run) Edit

You need all possible Stars from 1st run except Rambi's Revarie (so that makes up to 93) in order to gain access to 2nd run. At least, that would be if it wasn't for Zako's findings of a skip to get to 2nd run early. About this part of the hack, it was Rambi's purpose to make them even more difficult to the players, to see how far are the limits...

Name of level Level(s) replaced Level that was recreated Notes
Beginning the Tragedy Shifting Sand Land The Finale (Treasure World)
Subterranean City Flame Dire, Dire Docks Bustling Darkness (Treasure World) The only level filled with lava, the rest are filled with quicksand.
Joy or Sorrow Snowman's Land Toasted Coast (Treasure World)
Cubic Phobic Wet-Dry World Cubic Block Ruin (Parallel Stars guest stage)
Wall Wall Melancholy Tall, Tall Mountain Wall Wall Mountain (Treasure World) Still a 72 mess, but Chihaya Kisaragi makes the player clear about the use of 72s (according to Rambi's sign)
My First Determination Tiny-Huge Island Permanent Firmament (Treasure World) Some parts are invisible. It's up to the player to remember.
Bonds Towards the Future Tick Tock Clock Sky High Castle (Treasure World)
Final Tragedy Rainbow Ride Bowser's Land of Fantasy (Treasure World) Noticeably harder than the rest of those levels.

Side Courses (2nd Run) Edit

Name of level Level(s) replaced Notes
TsucnenT's Dawn Wing Mario Over the Rainbow Red Coins theory TAS by Focus_SR.
Everlasting Encore The Secret Aquarium Red Coins theory TAS by Focus_SR. It is a Bowser 3 recreation from Treasure World.
Bowser's Lost Ruin Bowser in the Fire Sea Another mashup of Bowser 1 and Bowser 2 from Treasure World.

Music Edit

Track Name Origins Used in
Sunny After the V-Sign To Heart File Select
Shipgirls' and Admiral's Dining Table Kantai Collection Overworld 1
Devil's Tower Strikers 1945 II Overworld 2
Fly to the Leaden Sky Battle Garegga Eternal Dream Entrance
Level 1 Silver Surfer Scrambled Scamper
Huge Battleship Elinies (Stage 3) ESPGaluda Whomp's Vengeance
V (Vivaldi's Winter Remix) Beatmania IIDX - 5th style Winter Melting Land
Subversive Awareness Battle Garegga Sky Stairway Steps
Kasen Ibaraki's Theme - Rumble Temple (Fanmade) Touhou 13: Ten Desires Plaguing Planets
Help me, ERINNNNN!! (Touhou 8: Lunatic Princess Remix) COOL&CREATE Lost Memories
Repeated Tragedy (Stage 1) Raiden II Beginning The Tragedy / Overworld 3
Tragedy Flame (Stages 2 & 8) Raiden II Subterranean City Flame / Final Tragedy
All or Nothing (Stage 3) Raiden II Joy or Sorrow
Burnt Field (Stage 4) Raiden II Cubic Phobic
Depression (Stage 5) Raiden II Wall Wall Melancholy
Decisive Battle (Stage 6) Raiden II My First Determination
Flap Towards The Hope (Stage 7) Raiden II Bonds Towards The Future
Hell Scaper Beatmania GOTTAMIX Bowser's Solemn Ruin
Stage 6-4 - VS. Yuudachi Azur Lane Bowser's Dreamy Promenade
L.D. BMS Locked Dream
Last Land Kuru Kuru Kururin Rambi's Revarie
Live in Future Truxton II Bowser's Lost Ruin
Kana Anaberal's Theme - Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream TsucnenT's Dawn
Still Love You Truxton II Everlasting Encore
Welcome to Japari Park! (Opening Theme) Kemono Friends: The Animation Departure Memories
Ashley's Theme WarioWare: Touched! Madnight Memories
Yatsume Ana Koronba Canyon Memories
Wind God Girl (Bicycle) Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced Wing Cap / Vanish Cap / Shell
Rambi's Theme Donkey Kong 64 Metal Cap
Hina Kagiyama's Theme - Dark Side of Fate (Arrangement Remix) Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith Bowser's Solemn Ruin - Key Fight
Heavy Long Truxton II Bowser's Lost Ruin - Key Fight
Metal Storm Raiden II Boss Fight
Soy Sauce on Geese Fatal Fury Special Koopa Race
Dark Force Gradius III Bowser's Dreamy Promenade - QSLG Challenge
Cool, Cool Mountain (Donkey Kong 64 Boss Mix) Super Mario 64 Bowser Fight
Mukei (Fog Alarm) - Stage Select Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou Star Select
U.N. Owen Was Her? (Eyecatch Jingle) Touhou 6: the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Star Jingle
Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea (Eyecatch Jingle) Touhou 6: the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Key Get

Trivia Edit

  • The level names between Courses 8 and 15 are likely direct references to Raiden II. However, they seem to make a pun off the song names and go in ascending order the music plays accordingly in the main courses.
  • Apparently, in the main courses of the 2nd Run, there is each a structure subliminally shaped like a battleship, aircraft or space harrier. It is also a reference to Raiden II.
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