Super Oatmeal 64 is a Meme ROM hack made by ExplodingEmerald.

It is his first ROM hack and contains many SimpleFlips jokes.

Plot Edit

Shoutouts To Simpleflips and suck dicc (?)


Music Edit

In-Game Track Music Name
File Select Yoshi's Safari - Spirit Mountain
Star Select Mario Kart 64 - Frappe Snowland/Sherbet Land
Meme Land Super Mario 64 - Slider
Inbetween Paintings Super Mario 64 - Inside the Castle Walls
Oatmeal Fortress Super Mario 64 - Cave Dungeon
Peach's Basement Super Mario Kart - Koopa Beach
Castle Courtyard Yoshi's Safari - Grass Land
Vsauce Bowser Battle Super Mario Galaxy - Final Battle with Bowser
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