Super Releasio 64 is a joke (meme) hack created by Kaze Emanuar and released in 2016. The main game and level layouts are unchanged from the original game, but many aesthetic changes have been made, mostly related to Toad. Mario has been replaced with Toad, nearly every texture has been replaced with Toad's face, the game's instruments have been replaced with Toad voice clips, and the screen is filled with the "snow" effect with Toad textures. There is only one edit made to the levels: Whomp King's star spawns under the fortress, making the star unnecessarily difficult.

According to an interview, Kaze made this hack because some of his subscribers were upset about him making Super Mario Run 64 instead of giving his undivided attention to Last Impact, which had yet to be released at the time.

In the description of the release video, he sarcastically says, "This is like a bonus for all you guys whove been patiently awaiting my major hack release and totally didnt ask me 10 times per day". Then he gets triggered.

Almost a year later, a sequel to this hack was released under the name Super Mario 64: Color Splash, in which many of the game's 3D models are replaced with Toad's model.


  • Although Kaze Emanuar released the hack, he credited AnkleDestroyer and UsernamesAreHard for their contributions:
    • AnkleDestroyer: Creator of the Toad model, which replaces Mario's model in-game.
    • UsernamesAreHard: Creator of a hack entitled "Toad-megeddon," of which this hack is a modified version.
  • In 2017, Ethan White released a "Normal Speed" mod for this hack, which changes Toad's physics to be the same as Mario's in the original game. This makes the game much more playable.
  • In an interview, Kaze stated that this hack was basically a “fuck off I do what I want” message to those who were begging him to work on Last Impact nonstop.
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