The Moon
The Moon
Hack SM64 Last Impact
Stars Required 45
Number of Stars 0
Music Used SM64: Last Impact OST - The Villain Appears (SMG - Bowser Message N64 Remix)

The Moon is the third and last overworld of SM64 Last Impact and contains the levels 11 - 15 as well as the Luna Park and the secret Cut Out Content level. The moon is entered by a rocket in the Shadow Factory.


Secret Level 1: Luna ParkEdit

After entering the moon, head to the right and enter a pink train. Entering this train will bring Mario to the Luna Park that contains 2 stars: One star you can get from collecting 8 red coins in the level. The other one Mario can get by playing a minigame with Yoshi.

Secret Level 2: Cut Out ContentEdit

The secret "Cut Out Content" level is accesible by an invisible pipe behind the fence. Go trough the hole in the fence near Colossal Circuits and do a walljump onto a post. Mario will glitch trough the monster that leads to Big Beast's Belly and find an invisible pipe behind the casino.

Last Impact "Cut Out Content" entrance (No BLJ or moonjump)

Last Impact "Cut Out Content" entrance (No BLJ or moonjump)

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