Thwomp's Easter Egg Hunt is the first in Kaze's line of Easter themed hacks. In this game you play as an actual Thwomp, in order to fulfill his quest to hunt eggs hidden around various areas.

Description Edit

According to the video in which the hack was officially released, Thwomp's Easter Egg Hunt contains:

  • 0 new Stars
  • 42 colorful Easter Eggs instead of Stars!
  • 10 New Levels to explore.
  • You can "squash" enemies.
  • New enemies and objects
  • You play as a Thwomp!

Changes Edit

Most of the changes were outlined in the description.The biggest, and most obvious change is that you now play as the classic blue square enemy, the Thwomp. This brings around a couple of awkward changes that the player has to get used to. In this game the movement speed of your character is shown in the top left corner.The Thwomp's normal walking speed is very slow, but is increased rapidly while jumping or if the Thwomp is already going fast enough. If its speed reaches 48. the Thwomp will immediately halt, resetting the speed back to 0. Other than this, the Thwomp controls exactly like Mario, just with a square hitbox. Just like Mario, the Thwomp can still dive, punch / pick up object, ect. When collecting items, the Thwomp still has Mario's hitbox, so run into coins/stars in the center of character.

Other major changes are relative to texture changes. Including:

  • Stars changed to Eggs
  • Chain Chomps are now Yellow

Levels Edit

Name Replaced Stars Stars Required Image / Notes
HUB Area Castle Grounds 1 0
Castle Thwomp64

This is where you start. There are 5 different points of a star like structure that leads to each of the 5 levels. There is also an NPC that explains movement.

Course 1: Cosmos Fields Bob-omb Battlefield 7 0
Course1 Thwomp64
Course 2: Easter Deserts Whomp's Fortress 7 0
Course2 Thwomp64
Course 3: Pacworld Jolly Roger Bay 7 5
Course3 Thwomp64
Course 4: Jungle Falls Cool, Cool Mountain 7 5
Course4 Thwomp64
Course 5: DK's Home Big Boo's Haunt 7 5
Course5 Thwomp64
Banjo-Kazooie's Home The Princess's Secret Slide 3 5
PSS Thwomp64

Located in Course 5

Road to Chuckya Bowser in the Dark World 1 29
BowLevel Thwomp64
Chuckya Battle (Stage) The Secret Aquarium 0 0
TSA Thwomp64
Chuckya Battle (Boss) Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 1 70
WMOTR Thwomp64

Final Boss of the game.


Used in Song Sequence
File Select Super Mario 64 - File Select
HUB Area Super Mario 64 - Staff Roll
Star Select Neon Genesis Evangelion - Soul Refrain
Cosmo Fields Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Starship Mario
Easter Deserts Donkey Kong 64 - Angry Aztec
Pacworld Pacman - Intro Jingle
Jungle Falls Diddy Kong Racing - Everyfrost Peak
DK's Home Donkey Kong 64 - Gloomy Galleon
Banjo-Kazooie's Home Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Rogueport Sewers
Chuckya Battle (Stage) Higurashi no naku koro ni - Opening
Chuckya Battle (Boss) Koning Matrias Verschijnt
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