Tower of the East is the second hub of the game, accessible after the first bowser fight. While Tower of the East acts as a hub, it is technically a level as you can find many stars here, including a red coin star. As such, you are not able to access your star count in this area and you are able to choose 'Exit Course' to go back to the main hub.

Tower of the East
Hack Super Mario 74
Stars Required 10+
Levels 8 Red Coins

Below the Tower

On the Hills

Hidden Away

At the Top of the World

Bowser's Hidden Star

Number of Stars 6


All star names are fan-made and are not official.

Star 1: 8 Red CoinsEdit

1. In the very bottom left of the area. Walk left after entering to find it.

2. In a hole on the fiery building containing the door to the third hub world.

3. On top of the building housing the painting to System of a Town. Wall jump in the area behind the house to access the roof.

4. On a pillar leading to the Lava-Switch of Eruption level.

5. Between two pillars leading to the upper levels of the area.

6. In the jump to access the way up to the Frozen Slide level. Very difficult to miss.

7. Behind the way up to the Frozen Slide level.

8. On a horn on the building containing the door to the first hub.

Star 2: Below the TowerEdit

Located underneath the 'Tower of the East' this star is reached by beforming multiple walljumps in a row up to the star. This star can be a bit finicky to obtain as the star is near the middle of the tower not perfectly between two walls.

Star 3: On the HillsEdit

Located in the middle of the green hills in the upper parts of the level. Using a combination of a triple jump and kicks Mario can reach this star.

Star 4: Hidden AwayEdit

This star is very hidden, tucked away next to the black horned building. Mario can either drop down from above or carefully maneuver from the side. At the back of the small tunnel is the star.

Star 5: At the Top of the WorldEdit

This star is located at the very top of the level, above the entrance to the Frozen Slide level. Walljumps will get Mario up to this star.

Star 6: Bowser's Hidden StarEdit

Hidden in an alcove to the right of the entrance to Bowser's Aquatic Castle.


  • Goomba
  • Boo
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