Twisted Adventures: Intense Challenge is a hack made by SomeRussianMarioDude. It was intended as a much, much harder version of Super Mario 64: Twisted Adventures. Tomatobird8 intends to continue this hack.

Twisted Adventures: Intense Challenge
Creator SomeRussianMarioDude
Number of Stars 33
Created 2014
Level Information
Number of Levels 3
Number of Secret Levels 2
Download Link

Levels Edit

Name Level(s) replaced Stars Notes
First Overworld Castle Courtyard 4 One of the stars requires 50 stars to get, despite there only being 32 others obtainable normally.
Lava Flooded Mountains Bob-omb Battlefield 7
Slippery Toxic Castle Whomp's Fortress 7 This level contains exactly 100 coins.
Former Water Castle Jolly Roger Bay 7
Tower of the Wing Cap Tower of the Wing Cap 5
Bowser in the Dark World Bowser in the Dark World 3
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