Ultra Sky
The Hardest SM64 Level Ever?
Hack Super Mario 76 Nightmare Edition
Stars Required 69 Stars
Boss(es) None
Stars Unknown
Number of Stars 7
Music Used Ultimate Bowser
Previous level Transparent Obscure Ruins
Next level None
Stage or HUB Level is located in Inside Castle, 3rd Area
The Ultra Sky is the last Course Level in Super Mario 76 Nightmare Edition. It is one of the most difficult, Hard and Long levels design in any Super Mario 64 Rom Hack. This level is the description of pain and frustration of the Human.

This level is a remake of the Original BlackSky of The Super Mario 76 Strange Adventure, but this is the Triple, It is currently the same level but multiplied 3 times, it is also inverted, with 1.5x Size per Area, with a Hardcore Purple Fog to make it even harder to see your surroundings, also new quicksand, fire, flamethrowers, double jump platforms and lava platforms are added throughout the map, acceding even 7 times more than its original size

To reach this level you need more than 69 stars, It is located in the same original area of Rainbow Ride.

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