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Waluigi's Taco Stand is a rom hack of Super Mario 64 made by Kaze Emanuar and a standalone Waluigi's unofficial and unlicensed game, being released in cartridge format (only one cartridge was made). In this game, Waluigi has to work in a Taco stand to pay his debts. It is based on a beautiful mock fictional video game meme."


Waluigi spent all his money at the casino and it was time to pay the rent. So a Koopa Troopa (named Mr. rent) allowed him to work at his taco stand to pay the rent and decided to give him a Mexican hat (sombrero). If Waluigi does a great job serving tacos, he becomes a winner.

The ending credits are simply a picture of Waluigi in a image that says rent paid!


Level Replaced Stars Stars Required
Taco Fields Bob-omb Battlefield 2 0
Taco Island Whomp's Fortress 7 0
Taco Canyon Jolly Roger Bay 13 0
Taco Volcano Cool, Cool, Mountain 14 0


Used in Song
File Select Super Mario 64 - File Select
Intro Super Mario 3D World - World Bowser
Taco Fields Super Mario World - Athletic
Taco Island Mario Kart 64 - Koopa Troopa Beach
Taco Canyon Mario Kart 64 - Kalimari Desert
Taco Volcano Super Mario 64 - Lethal Lava Land

Kaze Emanuar
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